Saturday, September 12, 2009

Japanese Edition of Crash Love: Full Info

We’ve been tipped to an eBay auction (thanks to Marcin on our Facebook page) advertising the Japanese Edition of Crash Love, which is to be released on September 23 and will contain the 12 regular tracks along with 3 bonus tracks:

1. Carcinogen Crush
2. Ether
3. Miss Murder (duet featuring Kyosuke Himuro)
Update: You can buy the CD for a cheaper price here at CD Japan

Since this is an eBay auction, and anything can be faked, we will not treat this as confirmed fact. However, the person selling the item is rated as a top seller with overwhelmingly positive feedback, so this is likely to be legitimite.
The auction can be found here. The price is currently $41.99.

Update: AFI is playing a show at a festival in Japan on September 27. The album will have been released in Japan at that point. Might we see new songs? I try to keep this page free of opinion, but I feel this is an important point.

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