Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Davey Loves the 80's

TheLovesList.com interviewed Davey about what he loved most about the 80s, including fashion, music, and wrestling, among other things. Below is an excerpt, and you can click here to read the whole thing.

MTV made it's initial debut in 1981. Do you remember the first video you saw that absolutely blew your mind?
When MTV came out there was this strange phenomenon of fear being a part of watching videos. For me, as a kid, there was always this risk that I might see something frightening (or if I  was, lucky something sexual) on MTV.  I loved, videos. They were so revolutionary, modern, and taboo. I vividly remember seeing "Don't Come Around Here No More," and being quietly, terribly upset when Alice got eaten like a birthday cake. It really freaked me out. I loved, "Sweet Dreams" and Annie's hair. Also, I recall watching "Lucky Star," and knowing that Madonna was surely the coolest chick that the world would ever see.
 Thanks to Ashley on Tumblr for the tip!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Girl's Not Grey Instrumental!

We now have an instrumental version of Girl's Not Grey! One more to add to the collection.

Thanks to Grant for sending it in!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Introducing a new feature: Fan Art on AFI Ignite!

We now have a section on AFI Ignite where you can post your fan artwork! To post artwork, you need an account with AFI Ignite or Webs.com, and then you can make a blog post with your art. It's as simple as that! You may post any appropriate art you wish to, paintings, tattoos etc. Anything!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

End Transmission and A Single Second Instrumentals!

Hey everyone, Happy Thanksgiving!

Because you're all loyal to AFI News HQ and keep coming back for more, we have an instrumental rip of End Transmission and one from A Single Second for you! These has been done from the full track, not a video game so unfortunately it is impossible to get the vocals out completely. Backing vocals remain high in the mix. Enjoy!

Remember we have lots of instrumental and vocal rips, and live audio for download too!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

New Blaqk Audio Song: Down Here

Blaqk Audio has posted a new song called "Down Here" to their Facebook page via Soundcloud. Click here to listen or stream below.
Down Here by Blaqk Audio

AFINewsHQ Video Podcast Update

Have you checked out the AFI News HQ video podcast? It has had over 60,000 downloads so far! The podcast features videos of AFI performing live from 1994 to 2010, including very rare videos. A new video will be posted every Wednesday.

You can view and download the videos through iTunes or download them straight to your iPhone or iPod Touch. Click here for the iTunes link

For those on the Zune network click here.Thanks to Brittany for the link :)

You can also stream the podcast, at lower quality, right here on AFINewsHQ.com:

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Possible new DF packages soon!

Gavin has stated on the DF that there will soon be new packages with the membership, as I and several others speculated when the packages sold out a few weeks ago. Those who picked up some of the last Cinderblock packages should be getting their membership activated on the DF soon! Anyone ordering once the packages are back will be receiving a new package. The statement reads:
"To those still waiting to join us after we've played hard-to-get for a year -- your time is coming fast! We've been getting the NEW membership package together and are getting excited to have so many friends eager to join us. We hear you, we're just making sure the place looks nice and your box of stuff is cool. Hang tight. If you don't have a free site account yet, now is a great time to do that. (It's a necessary step for becoming DF.)"

Deluxe Crash Love only $5.99 at Amazon.com!

If you haven't picked up the Deluxe version of Crash Love yet, here's your chance! You can get an MP3 copy of the Deluxe album for only $5.99 with this coupon code! Get your coupon code and then redeem it on the album! This will work for any AFI or other releases available on Amazon MP3!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Uniscreen AFI Interview

Uniscreen interviewed AFI in Vienna back in April 2010 during their European Tour. They spoke of the change in ways music is obtained, the internet's place in the culture of information, their music structuring method, reality shows, preparation for the road, and their take on sex, drugs, and rock n roll.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Nic Bezzina Gallery from Austrailian Show

Nic Bezzina, a photographer from Sydney, Australia has sent us a link to a gallery of pictures he shot when AFI played in Sidney.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Fire Inside EP repress released!

The fourth repressing of AFI EP has been released on purple vinyl, you can buy it from Adeline for $7!

Pablo's edit: It's limited to 500 copies!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Fourth A Fire Inside EP repress picture

EddieAirplanes, a Despair Faction moderator, posted a pic of the fourth A Fire Inside EP 7" which will be released sometime in the future. What color do you think it is? It seems Blue to me but some people are saying it's purple (original file name is Purple)

James' edit: I believe that purple won the voting for which color it should be but I can't recall.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Fan meetup in London, Nov 20th!

If you live in the UK (or willing to travel there) you are invited to a fan meetup day on November 20th at 12:30PM for a day of activities to be announced. The meetup will be at The World's End Pub across from the Camden Town subway (tube) stop.

You can RSVP on the Facebook event.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Hunter Working on a New Project

Hunter tweeted this image today from his Twitter account, saying "Studio day #1" - He then proceeded to say "P.S. Not Hunter Revenge or AFI", "P.P.S. Not with Tegan or Dan", and "P.P.P.S. It's new"

What do you guys think the new project will be? More information will be posted as it develops.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Jade on "The Oral History of AP"

Jade is featured on December 2010's edition of AP for their "The Oral History of AP" installment. He states:

"2002: The Days of The Phoenix"

Growing up in a small town, we didn't even know AP existed. But looking back at those early covers - Bad Brains, Depeche Mode, Dead Kennedys, so many great, influential bands - I wish I had. AP was the first bigger magazine to consistently support AFI, from then until now. And it was the first magazine cover I was ever on, so it will always have a special place for me. We've always gotten a fair shake from AP, and since the magazine has been covering us for so many years, I do feel like they know the history. We've known Aaron [Wilson] and Norman for years, and those guys have always been awesome and supportive, knowledgeable and just cool.

Many thanks to Danielle Moore for the tip!