Monday, September 21, 2009

Half-a-Million Visitors: New Contest

If you’ve been following the visitor count we update daily in the blog description, you may have noticed that we’ve been inching toward 500,000 total visits. Tonight, after exactly 7 months of operation, we have reached the half million. To celebrate, we’re going to hold a small contest.

1. There is a direct reference to Answer That and Stay Fashionable somewhere in the lyrics of Crash Love. What is it?
2. Quote as many references to “remain” (any tense/part of speech) as you can, from any AFI song. The one with the most references wins.
People who complete both challenges will win early access to the high quality live videos that will be posted next month in AFI Ignite’s Download Center. This group of 10 videos includes Sacrifice Theory, Wester, This Celluloid Dream, Love Is A Many Splendored Thing, Perfect Fit, and more.

Please send an e-mail to BOTH and with your entry. Good luck!

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