Sunday, September 20, 2009

Summary of Events 9/20 - Part 1

It has been a huge month in AFI news. Since our last summary of events on August 25, we have published 119 stories. The news has been coming in so fast that we haven't had time to slow down and summarize it all. Now, we aren't going to put over 100 links in one post - we'll do them 20 at a time over the next few days. These summaries act as a nice, compact chronology of AFI news. We'll start at the back and move to the current news.
  • Guitar Hero "Medicate" Video In Full On Youtube Story
  • Launches, Meet AFI Story
  • AFI To Play In Japan on September 27 Story
  • "Medicate" Now Available on iTunes Story
  • AFI in September Rock Sound Issue Story
  • New AFI Online Store, New Merchandise Story
  • "Medicate" Played Live at Lido, Berlin Story
  • "100 Words" and "Fainting Spells" Added To iTunes Story
  • Last Extras Revealed + Medicate Live Videos Story
  • Deluxe Edition of Crash Love is Double CD Story
  • Crash Love 12" Preorder Story
  • Crash Love Section of Official AFI Website Story
  • AFI To Start Filming Video Later This Week Story
  • Download Audio From AFI's Set at Reading Story
  • AFI To Play MTVU's Ulalume with Paramore Story
  • Official "Medicate" Lyrics Story

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  1. Crap, that's a lot of stories. Haha, sweet.