Sunday, September 20, 2009 Interview with Jade, which was recently given an exclusive 30-second preview of “Cold Hands” has posted a lengthy interview with Jade. Among the highlights:

“After the last record, I was really proud of it but listening back to it I felt like the guitar took a back seat and that was one of the thing s I wanted to do on this album was to bring guitar to the forefront again and play a guitar solo. Why not.”

“We wanted to get some unique sounding tones from all of the instruments so with [co-producer Jacknife Lee] we put up a lot of these little dirty old amps with no names on them and I had my guitar laying on a chair and I was playing it with a knife and a pencil, and we played wine glasses, we had the drums sounding grimy.”

“[Davey and I] would be writing during the day and overlooking the pool area where the typical Hollywood fools were hanging out by the pool so it enforced the lyrical content about the hollowness, a lot of this comes from this town.”

Thanks to Jamakae for the tip!

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