Monday, September 14, 2009 In the studio with Adam

Early on the in the Crash Love recording process Adam wrote about pre-production and Crash Love recording while visited him in the studio. This was written within the first week of the recording process when their producer was still David Bottrill.

The questions that Adam was asked are not a part of the text but it is assumed that questions were asked.

Here is a sample:

Every song’s “birth” is different. For this album, we wrote a few songs that took weeks of playing to gel to our satisfaction and we wrote a handful of songs that sounded killer the very first time through. As a band we are ruthless in our ability to throw away songs. Some bands record and release the first twelve songs they write. Not us. Our philosophy is to explore all possibilities but ultimately to let a song go if it doesn’t move us enough. We wrote something like sixty..maybe seventy songs for this album, some of which were deemed inferior and discarded before we even rehearsed them as a band. Some we rehearsed briefly and then threw away and even more we kicked around for weeks before deciding to part company with them.

Check out the full interview HERE

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