Thursday, September 29, 2011

Happy Birthday to Crash Love and A Fire Inside EP!

Today is the day that Crash Love turns 2 years old and A Fire Inside EP turns into an angst-ridden teenager at 13 years old. We encourage you to celebrate the day by showing these records some love and spinning them back to back! They sound exactly the same, promise.

Also, one of our followers on Twitter pointed us to a great video of Jade performing in 1999 with his band Loose Change. It's 20 minutes long and was uploaded just a couple of months ago.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Luke Janela's New Album "Tomorrow Was...." Featuring Adam Carson Completed

Last year we posted about Adam Carson offering some drums to Luke Janela for his new record. Janela has informed us that the album is complete and can be pre - ordered here. The album will be released on October 1, 2011.

Here is a song from the new album up for free download: Silence

Check out Luke Janela's official site here.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Stream "Afterdark" on NOW!

Alternative Press has posted an exclusive stream of a new Blaqk Audio song "Afterdark" which is going to be officially released on October 4 on the soundtrack for the upcoming video game Batman: Arkham City. You can stream it here on right now.

Jade just tweeted, "Afterdark is one of my favorite BA tracks, there's just something about it I never get tired of."

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Jade Interviewed By Amp Magazine

Jade was recently interviewed by AMP magazine discussing the AFI break up rumor/hoax, AFI in general, and Blaqk Audio. According to the interview, Blaqk Audio songs are being mixed at a glacial pace and AFI has not started writing new material. Check the interview out here.

Hear Blaqk Audio's "The Witness" Now

The Blaqk Audio song "The Witness" has been released today on the soundtrack for the upcoming movie Abduction. You can purchase the song here on iTunes. Once you've heard it, tell us what you think!

Unfortunately the record label has decided to force you to buy the complete album instead of allowing you to download individual songs. The album is also on Amazon MP3 under the same restrictions.


Our reader Dave has tried to figure out the lyrics, here they are:

"Where is deliverance?
Will you walk with, walk with me?
Where is forgiveness?
Lash the tide and it tames the sea
Give me deliverance
From the history talk of lies
Where is your witness? There isn't
Hide your wings and we'll take the sky.
You will never feel so alive
as you will on the day that you see
the sacred ways and a flame
you bring a new faith
Oh! Smile tonight in the sacred high(?)
and you will look at life and think god! (?)
Smile tonight oh you have arrived
arise and bring the heavens down.
Who is the saviour?
You can walk this golden sea
for just this moment
close your eyes and dive with me
Who need forgiveness
When we all speak fluid lies.
Here is deliverance. you ready? (?)
Lose yourself and we'll take the sky.
You will never feel so alive
as you will on the day that you see
the sacred ways and a flame
you bring a new faith.
smile tonight in the sacred high
and you will look at life and think God!
Smile tonight for you have arrived
arise and bring the heavens down.
I wanna hear you say this is your final confession.
I've never felt like this before.
I must admit, must say, i love your final submission (?)
Oh! You never looked so good before.
You never looked so good before.
Oh! Smile tonight in the sacred high
and you will look at life and think God!
Smile tonight for you have arrived, have arrived here.
smile tonight in the sacred high
and you will look at life and think God!
Smile tonight for you have arrived
arise and bring the heavens, arise and bring the heavens down."

What do you think?

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Listen to a Preview of "The Witness" on Amazon!

As we posted earlier, "The Witness", a new Blaqk Audio song, will appear on the official soundtrack of the movie Abduction. Amazon has now posted the album for preorder and you can preview the song! The soundtrack will be released on September 20.

"The Witness" seems to be very poppy compared to some of the other Bright Black Heaven songs released so far.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Photos of Davey on 'Knife Fight' Set

3 photos of Davey playing Jimmy in the upcoming 2012 film Knife Fight have been posted on Facebook by production. Click here to check out the pictures.

The 5th Column Street Team Returns!

Some older AFI fans may remember the days of the 5th Column Street Team, an official group of people around the world who promoted AFI in their hometowns by completing "missions." The group is now defunct, but we've decided to bring in back in anticipation of the next AFI album cycle. We want to spread the word about AFI and bring new fans into the community.

Right now we're beginning to gather the troops in a Facebook group. When anticipation for the 9th AFI album begins to heat up, we'll be posting instructions for "missions" that you can complete in your own town. Join us on this Facebook group today and let us know where you're from. We can't wait to meet you all and get organizing for the return of a bigger and better 5th Column Street Team!

Through our bleeding we are one,
-AFI News HQ Staff

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Management Confirms: AFI Disbanding Rumor a Hoax

Despite a post made by somebody posing as Davey this morning on the DF, AFI is not breaking up. We have received this statement from management:

"That's not dave. The band haven't broken up. Someone is just screwing around."

The hoax was convincing because the post was authored by Davey's official Despair Faction account. It appears now that the account was hacked. Popular music news sites Alternative Press, NME, and Rock Sound all reported the news as fact, but they have since changed their articles to reflect that it was a hoax.

Adam tweeted several hours ago that "we would have totally written a better press release..."

Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Reckless Kind Playing New Show in SF on Sept 9

The Reckless Kind, Adam's side project, have a new show coming up at Bottom Of The Hill in San Francisco September 9 with Otis Heat and Caldecott. Tickets are 10 bucks and the show is 21+. Your can buy tickets here.

Friday, September 2, 2011

New Blaqk Audio Song "Afterdark" on Batman Game Soundtrack

Yesterday we posted about a new Blaqk Audio song "Witness" being featured on the soundtrack for  the upcoming film Abduction starring Taylor Lautner. Today brings news of another new Blaqk Audio song called "Afterdark" that will be featured on a forthcoming soundtrack -- this time for the video game Batman: Arkham City.

The game is slated for release on October 18, 2011. The soundtrack will be released on October 4, 2011 on Amazon. Thanks to our reader Tom for finding that release date!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

BRAND NEW Blaqk Audio Song "The Witness" to Appear on Abduction Movie Soundtrack

The soundtrack for the upcoming action movie "Abduction" starring Taylor Lautner has been announced, and one of the tracks is a brand new, never-before-heard Blaqk Audio song called "The Witness." The title has been registered with Blaqk Audio's BMI Repertoire page for a long time.

The movie will be hitting theaters on September 23, 2011. You can buy the soundtrack on Amazon for $14.41 on September 20, 2011.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Zu Boutique: New Shirts in Three Days (Read Update)

There's a new counter on the shop for Zu Boutique, Davey's side project clothing line. All of the existing shirts have been sold out for quite some time. This new run of shirts is especially significant because it signals that the mysterious legal troubles facing Zu Boutique are over.

There is no word yet on how many new shirts will be put on sale, but according to the counter we only have to wait until Saturday night at 12:00am EST.

Update 9/2/11: Apparently, the legal troubles for Zu Boutique are not over. They just posted a tweet earlier today saying: "I guess we should've paid more attention to the cease and desist so it didn't turn into a search and siezure. Countdown stopped. Blog soon."

Hunter To Be In Stellar Corpses Video

Recently Hunter posted a picture to his Tumblr saying he had been on the set of the new Stellar Corpses video. In a post on the Stellar Corpses Street Team Dusty Grave has made the following statement:

SCST Sneak Peek: Hunter Burgan (AFI) behind the scenes at our music video shoot last week!

I'm posting this here for all you SCST members to see first cuz we love you and want you to know all the good stuff before it hits the main public.

In the comments Dusty added two more statements:

He made a great vampire. Wait til you see the video!!

We'll release it around Halloween. It's being edited right now.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Despair Faction Phoenix Project: Let's Reignite

If you have gone to the Despair Faction boards lately, you have probably noticed that it has become a ghost town. With the band's silence and a lack of new things to get excited about, it's no surprise.

We want to change that.

DF member BlaqkStarr has started an innovative project called the Despair Faction Phoenix Project. The aim is to "reconnect" the entire AFI family together. To participate, send an email to with your real name, your board name, and your full mailing address. Here is what will happen after that:

"With this project, every DF member will receive the mailing address of a random DF member. You will then write a letter explaining everything that you love about the DF, how the DF has helped you through hard times, your favorite AFI memory, your favorite memory you had because/on the DF, anything that you think will make another DF'er maybe remember that time, create a new friendship, or just relate to that feeling that you have! If you want to include pictures of AFI shows you've been to, paintings/sketches you've made, anything you want to add with your letter to make that connection!"

Even if you aren't a DF member, consider taking part. I encourage everybody reading this to participate in this project. Perhaps your life has become busier in recent years and you have lost touch with the amazing community that, for many of us, has had a great influence on our lives. Take a moment and send the e-mail, and make a connection with that anonymous fan. Let's reignite the community, starting today.

Through our bleeding, we are one

Saturday, August 13, 2011

ANOTHER FULL SHOW: Brixton Academy 6/04/2010!

Here's yet another full AFI show rip, it's from Brixton Academy, London, England on April 6, 2010. I decided to do the full show in one single video, and the file size was 1.9 GB and it took almost 20 hours to upload... so you most likely won't see another one like this again. I will continue doing 1 video=1 song on my channel though, so don't worry!

I had previously uploaded this video, but I learned to rip in High Definition, and this show was recorded in a HD camera, so the quality on this is amazing and definitely better than the previous one! Although the video is embedded here, I would strongly suggest you go to YouTube and watch it there so you can watch it in full size, high definition quality. Enjoy!

Friday, August 12, 2011

FULL SHOW: AFI in Atlanta, GA in Feb. 1998!

We now present the second installment in our series of full AFI shows on our YouTube! Pablo has posted the full set of 15 songs from AFI's performance at the Somber Reptile in Atlanta, GA on February 18, 1998. They played the show several months after the release of Shut Your Mouth and Open Your Eyes, so the setlist is heavy on songs from that album, but there are plenty from the first two albums as well.

The show is divided into 16 videos that are individually titled because these old song titles may be less familiar to new fans. You can start watching the first video, and the rest of the videos will automatically play. Sit back, relax, and enjoy 36 minutes of old AFI madness! When you're done, be sure to subscribe to our channel so you will know right away when a new full show is posted. Our next installment will be posted on Tuesday, and that one will be one entire video.


0. Davey Speaking
1. Keeping Out Of Direct Sunlight
2. I Wanna Get A Mohawk
3. A Single Second
4. Let It Be Broke...
5. This Secret Ninja
6. Aspirin Free
7. Salt For Your Wounds
8. Brownie Bottom Sundae
9. Don't Make Me Ill
10. Advances In Modern Technology
11. Third Season
12. File 13
13. Values Here
14. The Devil Loves You
15. Cruise Control

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

SCANS: AFI in February 2000 Issue of Superhero Mag, Contains Interview with Davey and Old Photos

High quality scans of old punk magazines featuring AFI are notoriously difficult to find. When Chad Lancaster (of Chad Lancaster Photography) was digging through his collection of old AFI records, he found a copy of Superhero magazine from February 2000 that featured a cover story on AFI. The story contains an excellent interview with some really great photos.

The interview inside is very in-depth and looks back from the earliest days of the band to the significant changes that took place between Shut Your Mouth and Black Sails, to reflecting on the first tour with Samhain. There's a discussion of lyrical meaning in songs such as The Prayer Position and Totalimmortal, which is at times evasive and at other times revealing. You also won't want to miss the attribution of action figures to each band member!

Cease and Desist letters may be sent to

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Download Now: Davey Singing "Who Wrote Holden Caulfield" on Stage With Green Day in 2010

The folks at Green Day Authority are offering a download of Davey singing Green Day's "Who Wrote Holden Caulfield" while AFI was opening on Green Day's summer 2010 tour.

Click here to download the super high-quality file (52MB) from Megaupload. The recording is from Green Day's August 14, 2010show at the PNC Bank Arts Center in Holmdel, NJ.
Photo credit: xGeneralSx

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Jade posts new Circa Survive remix

Jade has just posted another great remix, and this time it's of Circa Survive's "Glass Arrows". You can check it out at his SoundCloud page, or listen below!

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Wanted: AFI News HQ T-Shirt Design Submissions

Recently we asked if you would be interested in some AFI News HQ t-shirts. Many of you responded in the affirmative. As a result we have decided to move ahead to the design phase, and that's where you graphic design enthusiasts come in. Send your submissions to by next Thursday, August 11, 2011. Please refer to the guidelines before submitting.

After submissions close, we will pick our three favorites and post them for voting on our Facebook page, where the number of likes will determine the winning design. That design will be printed on a limited edition shirt that will go on sale very soon. We will be selling these at a certifiably insane $7.00 in order to raise money for our AFI Ignite hosting costs and prizes for future contests. If you enjoy the service we provide, please consider supporting us.

  • Must include "AFI News HQ" and some other artistic element
  • Maximum of 3 different colors (background is black)
  • Medium width and height design, not a full graphic tee
  • You may NOT use any licensed AFI logos or art
  • You may NOT use the band members' faces
  • Submit as many designs as you like
  • Good luck, and we look forward to seeing your creativity!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Weekend Discussion: What Do You Want From AFI's Next Album?

We've been in the depths of AFI dormancy for some months now, but we're not so far away from the first whispers of a new AFI album. As early as 2010, Jade had begun to write some music for the ninth studio album. There are recent rumors that the band has now begun the formal songwriting process, although we have not gotten any official updates.

It cannot be disputed that AFI has always redefined themselves with every new release. With that in mind, we want to know what you are hoping to find in AFI's next album. Feel free to be a realist or a dreamer. This discussion extends to any area of the creative process, from lyrics to music to atmosphere to art style and more. We look forward to seeing your ideas, and which ones turn into reality!

You can comment here, and share your thoughts on Twitter and Facebook.

Blaqk Audio's Website Now Has Official Media Player

Theory, AFI and Blaqk Audio's webmaster, has put an official media player onto the Blaqk Audio website. It features all of the songs that are available on Blaqk Audio's Soundcloud page.

The collection of five songs is entitled "Heaven" and includes Bliss, Mouth To Mouth, Ill Lit Ships, Down Here, and Bon Voyeurs. Management has emailed us and informed us that the songs on Soundcloud and the media player are not final versions and are as of now still unfinished.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Listen to Blaqk Audio's "Let's Be Honest" Now!

At Spookfest in October 2010, Blaqk Audio premiered a new song called "Let's Be Honest" and to date that song has never been heard, except of course for the people who attended the show. We now have a live recording up on our Youtube channel here. Enjoy!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Introducing: Full AFI Shows on our Youtube Channel!

We've teamed up with Mark from AFI Vids to bring a series of full AFI shows from all live eras to our YouTube channel. These shows are NOT split into different videos. These are full, hour-long shows for uninterrupted viewing at DVD quality. We will be posting new full shows regularly.

The first show we bring to you is AFI live at the Astoria in London, England on February 7, 2003. The band played this show a month before Sing the Sorrow's release. Click here to watch it! When you're done, be sure to subscribe to our channel (direct subscribe link) so you can get each video as soon as it's posted.

A big thanks goes to Mark for making this possible. AFI Vids is currently is going to be relaunching with a new design on September 15, 2011.

01. Strength Through Wounding
02. The Prayer Position
03. Sacrifice Theory
04. Girl's Not Grey
05. Ever and a Day
06. Triple Zero
07. A Single Second
08. This Secret Ninja
09. Morningstar
10. Dancing Through Sunday
11. The Despair Factor
12. 6 to 8
13. The Lost Souls
14. The Days of the Phoenix
15. God Called in Sick Today
16. Totalimmortal

Monday, July 25, 2011

Blaqk Audio Songs, 12" Singles, Website COMING SOON

Blaqk Audio's official management team has sent some information to about future plans. They will release the long-awaited 12" singles Davey talked about last year, they will add more songs to Blaqk Audio's Soundcloud page for streaming, and they will create a new layout for the official site.

We have been promised these 12" singles before. In an interview nearly one year ago, Davey predicted a Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving) release for the first single, which would also be released as a 12" single. That never happened, presumably for reasons outside Davey and Jade's control.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Details About "Bright Black Heaven" Production

Blaqk Audio's upcoming album, Bright Black Heaven, was at least partially produced by Keith Cooper, Scarlet Grey's drummer, at Killingsworth Recording Company in Los Angeles. Cooper has previously worked with Nick 13 and Scarlet Grey, among many other bands.

Cooper was not involved with CexCells. Cooper's website lists Blaqk Audio as a client under Interscope Records, and we have contacted him to find out how many tracks he worked on.

Edit: Our reader Monica Grey just told us that this news has been known for a year. Sorry we didn't post about it then!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Jade: "Big Plans in the Works" for Blaqk Audio

In a recent chat on his page, Jade said the following:
I had a very long conversation last night with Davey about [Blaqk Audio], we have some big plans in the works.

Friday, July 22, 2011

New Blaqk Audio Song: Bliss

Blaqk Audio has posted a new song, "Bliss" to their soundcloud page! This is a never before heard song! You can listen below:

Bliss by Blaqk Audio

They have also uploaded "Mouth to Mouth" and "Ill-Lit Ships", go check em out! Thanks to Oskar for the tip!

Jade's Remix of "Who's That Chick" Now Downloadable

Jade has now made his remix of Rihanna's "Who's That Chick" on Soundcloud available for download. Previously you were only allowed to stream. Thanks to @TheLostRomantic on Twitter for the tip!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

AFI News HQ Giving Out 4 Spotify Invites

You may have heard of the new music streaming service Spotify, which just recently became available in the United States after years in Europe. Spotify is different from anything you've used before, because it allows you to instantly play any song from a catalog of 13 million tracks - for free. Spotify is currently invite-only in the US, and not open to the general public. If you wait until signup is open to the general public, your free streaming will be limited significantly. But if you manage to get an invite now, you can enjoy 6 months of free, unlimited music streaming... including AFI's entire catalogue!

We have four (4) invites to give away. Here's how to enter:
  • Follow us on Twitter at
  • Tweet the following message "I want to win a Spotify invite from @AFINewsHQ #afispotify"
  • We will select four users at random, and we will contact you via direct message. Reply to us with your email address and you will be invited to Spotify!
  • Entries must be submitted by Friday night at 11:59pm PST

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Blaqk Audio song played on Jade's

Last night Jade premiered a short clip of an unreleased Blaqk Audio song in his room. You can listen to it here. Let us know what you think in the comments!

Also, as of the writing of this post, Jade is online again, this time at

UPDATE: It seems it was not really new, it was an old demo Jade had. 

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Jade Engaged To Girlfriend Marissa Festa

We'd like to send our congratulations to Jade and his longtime girlfriend, Marissa Festa, over their recent engagement! Marissa made the announcement through her Twitter page here.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Luke Janela Posts First Track Featuring Adam

A while ago we posted that Adam was recording drums with Luke Janela. Luke has now posted the first song featuring Adam, called "The Beautiful Truth" to his Bandcamp page! Go check it out, it's a great song.

Update: Luke sent us a Tweet saying that Adam is on four more songs on the record for a total of 5! Luke's album, "Tomorrow Was" will be released on August 1st!

Davey To Appear In The Movie Knife Fight

A few weeks ago Jennifer Morrison posted on her Twitter that Davey would be involved in the movie Knife Fight however this could not be confirmed. Recently, he has been added to the IMDB database as part of the cast for the movie playing the character Jimmy. It is not yet apparent how big of a role Davey has, but it seems to be a supporting role.

"Knife Fight is sex, drugs and money; it's about how politics is really played-a knife fight in a telephone booth, where blood is spilled, low blows are common and the best candidate is not always the best person. It's a world where the noblest ends are used to justify the darkest means."
-Bill Guttentag

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Update: Hunter AND Jade Working on Stellar Corpses New Album

Update 6/30/11:

In an email blast sent out today Stellar Corpses has announced that Jade will doing sound design on the record.

For any Mistfits fans out there, Michale Graves is also on the album!

Original post:

Stellar Corpses, a psychobilly/horror punk band, has Tweeted that Hunter is singing backing vocals on their new album!

Check them out!

Sign up for their Mailing List

Monday, June 27, 2011

The Reckless Kind New Show

The Reckless Kind will be playing a show July 8 at The Elbo Room in San Francisco opening for New Diplomat. The show starts at 10:00pm and is 8 bucks to get in.

Friday, June 24, 2011

The AFI News HQ Survery Returns!

A few months ago, we ran a survey called The Cult Status, which we closed after a few days. It is now open again!

Please go to Survey Monkey and let us know what you think about HQ and AFI Ignite. We really appreciate your feedback in these matters as we hope to improve the sites in our network.


The AFI News HQ Team

Thursday, June 23, 2011

This Is Berkeley Not West Bay Repressing Contest!

We’ve been working with Jesse at Zafio Records and have the opportunity to give away 5 copies of the new This Is Berkeley Not West Bay white vinyl repressing! The compilation features Screw 32, Dead and Gone, Black Fork and of course, AFI.

We will give away 3 copies in a photo contest, and 2 on Twitter.

Photo Contest Rules:

1. The goal of the photo contest is to take a picture (or use one you have previously taken) that you think is related to AFI and explain why.

2. Be creative, no concert photos or photos of the band, their merch, etc!

3. The photos must be your own work, if you didn’t take the picture someone else owns the copyright. Using a photo someone else took is stealing unless you have permission, however it is still prohibited in the contest.

4. In 200 words or less explain why you think the photo is related to AFI.

5. Email all entries to with the subject “TIBNWB Photo Contest” If you do not send the entry with that subject line the email might
be sent to spam. Only one entry per person please!

6. NO ATTACHMENTS. The photos must be uploaded to a service such as Photobucket, Picasa or Flickr and linked to in the body of the email. We will not download attachments as they pose a security risk.

7. The deadline for entries is Friday, July 8th at 11:59PM EST

Twitter Contest Rules:

To enter the Twitter Contest make a tweet with the following text:

“I want to win a copy of This Is Berkeley Not West Bay on white vinyl from @AFINewsHQ !”

Then, take a screenshot of your tweet and upload it to a hosting service such as Photobucket, Picasa or Flickr and email the link to with the subject “TIBNWB Twitter Contest”. If you do not send the entry with that subject line the email might be sent to spam. Only one entry per person please!

The deadline for the Twitter Contest is Friday, July 1st at 11:59PM Eastern

BOTH contests are open to those in North American only, due to shipping charges. Sorry!

You can buy the repressing of This Is Berkeley Not West Bay at the following stores:

Alternative Tentacles

1-2-3-4 Go! Records


Bad Skulls

Also take a moment to check out the Zafio Records Blog!

You can listen to the AFI song on the compilation, Love Is a Many Spelndored Thing, below.

In December 1994 AFI played at the This Is Berkeley Not West Bay release show at 924 Gilman St. in San Francisco, you can download the board audio of the show on AFI Ignite!
This is the setlist included in the download:

  1. Love Is A Many Splendored Thing
  2. Crop Tub
  3. High School Football Hero
  4. Theory Of Revolution
  5. I Wanna Get A Mohawk
  6. Ny Quil
  7. Rizzo In The Box
  8. Yurf Rendenmein
  9. Half-Empty Bottle
  10. Your Name Here
  11. Who Said You Could Touch Me?
  12. Rolling Balls
  13. Cruise Control
  14. We Bite (Misfits Cover)
Good luck in both contests!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Mobile Versions of AFI News HQ and AFI Ignite!

We're pleased to announce new mobile versions of our sites that have been optimized for small displays. Some of you may have already seen the spiffy mobile version AFI News HQ, which has been around for a couple of weeks. But the new mobile version of AFI Ignite just went live this morning.

The AFI News HQ mobile version puts the focus on the news, with a dead simple interface for reading the latest stories and posting comments. The AFI Ignite mobile version has organized our vast amount of multimedia and information in a very easily navigable interface. Look through photo and video galleries, tab through the encyclopedic Maelstrom, browse our entire complete discography, and more.

When you visit either site on your mobile device, you will automatically access the mobile version, but the full-functioning sites are also available. We hope this makes your mobile experience easier. Enjoy!

NEW: Complete Compilation of Jade's Remixes

Several readers have emailed in asking us to compile a list of remixes Jade has made, with links to where they can be found. We've compiled the list here on AFI Ignite. If we have forgotten anything, please let us know.

We also have found a new one that some of you may not be aware of. Several months ago Jade remixed a song for an Escape The Fate EP called Issues (Remixes). He is credited under the stage name Wolves At the Gate, the same name used for remix he did of the Cure's song "Freakshow". You can listen to the dubstep-esque remix here on iTunes.

Merch Store Having Super Sale on Hoodies

AFI's online BandMerch store is having a "super sale" on hoodies through June 28. You can buy the Tentacle Hoodie and the Decemberunderground Hoodie for $19.95 each. Both hoodies are down from an original price of $39.95.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

UPDATED: This Is Berkeley Not West Bay (Third) Repress

Zafio has remastered and repressed This is Berkeley Not West Bay on white vinyl. It also comes with a download code. The 7" is 7 bucks and limited to 1000. You can get the record at any of the following stores:

Alternative Tentacles

1-2-3-4 Go! Records


Bad Skulls

Zafio has started a blog with information about this pressing and the earlier ones as well.

*Original Pressing of this record was 2000 on black vinyl. Check out our Discography page!

PABLO'S UPDATE: We were contacted by Jesse Luscious, co-owner of Zafio Records and we now know that this is a third repress. In 1994 the first press was limited to 2,000 in black vinyl, with 4 black test pressings. In 1994 there was a second repress with 1,000 in black vinyl, no test pressings, and now, 2011, the third repress limited to 1,000 in white vinyl with 4 black test pressings!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Bright Black Heaven Completion, Next AFI Album

One of our longtime readers, Flash, has given us information he learned following Blaqk Audio's concert in Reno, NV on June 3. Our reader talked to DJ Boggan, who was on the road with Blaqk Audio for their 3-day western swing.

Boggan said he had listened to the completed Blaqk Audio album earlier that day, meaning that Bright Black Heaven is likely finalized and a release is imminent. Boggan also said that he was under the impression that Davey and Jade would be heading to New York after the BFD Festival, which was on June 5, to begin working on the next AFI album. It is unknown whether they will be primarily songwriting or already beginning to record.

Keep in mind that these are rumors, but seeing as these are the first whispers of the next AFI album cycle, we thought you all should know.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Info on Hunter's new music project

After weeks of saying he's been practicing with a new band, now we know that Hunter's new band solo project is called Las Gatas Beach Club (gatas is the feminine for cats in Spanish). They currently have 2 songs on their SoundCloud page. According to their Facebook fan page, their yet untitled record is almost done.

More info soon(ish)!

EDIT: See Hunter's comment below for more info. LGBC is a solo project, not a full band. It is also NOT what Hunter recorded last November, what was recorded last year is still unknown.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Davey Interview at BFD

Davey Havok was interviewed at BFD before their set in the sub sonic tent. This doesn't appear to be the interview in its entirety.

Video from Film 151

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Reno and Sacremento Blaqk Audio Setlists

The setlist for Reno and Sacramento was almost exactly the same, however in Sacramento Cold War was played as an encore.

Thank you to Leslie for sending us this picture of the setlist!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Videos From Blaqk Audio's Show In Reno

Blaqk Audio played Reno's Knitting Factory last night. Below is video of Semiotic Love and Stiff Kittens. A confirmed set list has not been obtained at this time.

Videos from Squiddvicious

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Adam's side project, debut show + album soon! *Updated*

Two new songs (PRO and Party Like Me) have been added to Reckless Kinds reverbnation . Check them out here

We recently learned from Adam Carson himself that he is involved in a new band called The Reckless Kind. According to their Twitter account, they are a "A 5 piece, super heavy soul band from the San Francisco Bay Area", and from what we could gather, they were previously known as "Rattlesnake", though Adam wasn't a member of the band when they were called like that. They entered studio last month and they just finished recording their debut album. Check out more from The Reckless Kind at their website here

Their debut show will be at Elbo Room in San Francisco on 30/05/2011, the show will be 21+.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Win Tickets To See Blaqk Audio in Reno, NV, on June 3rd!

Check out this radio spot for the show, the contest is mentioned!

We have been working with Silva Artist Management and Forever Music, the promoter for Blaqk Audio’s show in Reno, and we are now able to announce contests for five lucky winners to get a pair of tickets to the show on June 3rd!

The first three* pairs will be given to someone who Tweets the following message:

“I want to win a pair of tickets to see Blaqk Audio in Reno, NV, from! @AFINewsHQ”

Then, email a screenshot to with the title “Blaqk Audio at Boggan’s Friday Night Boom Twitter Contest” before 11:59PM, Pacific time, on May 31st to enter. The winner will be picked at random from the entries received.

To enter for one of the other two* pairs, send a separate email to with the subject “Blaqk Audio at Boggan’s Friday Night Boom Writing Contest”. Let us know why you think you should win a pair of tickets to see Blaqk Audio in 100 words or less. The AFI News HQ staff will pick the winners using our judgment for who deserves the tickets most. Please submit entries by May 28th for this contest as judging could take some time.

Before you enter either contest, please make sure that you can provide transportation to and from the concert before you enter, as that is up to you.

*We originally posted that 2 pairs would be given away on Twitter and 3 in the writing contest, this has now been switched.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Answers Posted: Hunter Macbeth Shoes Contest

Congratulations to our winner, Zoe from Renton, WA!

Win a pair of new Eliot Premium's from Hunters Studio Project by answering the following questions correctly:

1. What was AFI's first live release? Eddie Picnic's All Wet-March 18th, 1994
2. What was the band (other than AFI) that Hunter played in during the Art Of Drowning and Sing The Sorrow era? The Frisk
3. Name the song in which Hunter sang lead vocals of the chorus in 1999. Transference-Listen
4. Name the song in which Hunter wrote the overall structure for between 1998 and 2003. Carcinogen Crush.

Email your answers to, one winner will be chosen at random from the correct answers. The contest ends at 11:59PM Eastern on Sunday night. Good Luck!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Regarding rumors of AFI being dropped from Interscope:

Despite what some sources say, AFI was not dropped by Interscope. Their contract ended with the end of the Crash Love cycle last year. Unless they re-sign with Interscope, which many think is unlikely, they will need to find a new label. There have been rumors that they will sign to EMI/Virgin but this is just speculation.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Zu Boutique Sale

Via their twitter, Zu Boutique has announced a sale on two of their most recent shirts, Racer X and Flaunt It if Ya Got It. The price of these two shirts has gone down from 63.00 to 30.00. Domestic orders still have free shipping.

Monday, April 25, 2011

New Blaqk Audio show

Blaqk Audio will be playing at the Ace of Spades in Sacramento, CA 6/04/2011 with openers Boggan & Hamm FM. Tickets are 18 bucks not including service fees. This show is also all ages. For more information click here

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Updated 5/01/11: Macbeth Releases New Hunter Project.

UPDATE 5/01/11:

The shoes are now on sale at, for 69.99. The pictures on this site do not show that the sole of the shoe is green. See the pictures on the Macbeth site for more detailed pictures.

Original post:

Macbeth, a shoe and clothing company has released a new shoe design by Hunter for the Summer 2011 season. The vegan shoes are black and grey canvaswith green soles. We will update you as soon as we have pricing information!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

New Affiliate (Discount Code!)

We were recently contacted by, they are now an affiliate of AFI News HQ! They have generously agreed to give all of our readers a 10% discount! To use the discount, use the coupon code "AFINEWSHQ". This code is valid once per customer. Enjoy!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Updated: Blaqk Audio to play BFD Festival

It has been announced that Blaqk Audio will play the Live 105 BFD (Big F***ing Day) Festival on June 5th! BA will play the Subsonic Tent. Tickets are not on sale yet, but were $32.50 last year and will probably be in that price range this year as well.

Live 105 still has the 2010 lineup on their site, we will update this post as soon as Live 105 has the info for 2011 posted!


Tickets this year go on sale on Saturday, April 23rd at 10AM PDT! Regular ticket prices are as follows:

Reserved: $59.50 & $39.50
Lawn: $39.50
4 pack lawn: $105 (that’s $26.25 per ticket)

If you are a Live 105 Freeloader you can get tickets in a presale starting on Thursday, April 21st! You can sign up for the Freeloaders for free!

If you can make it to the Shoreline Amphitheater on Saturday the 23rd you can get Cheap Ass Tickets for $10.53 starting at 10AM! Get there early though, tickets are limited.

The festivals headliners are:

Linkin Park
Snoop Dog
The Strokes
Cage the Elephant
Bad Religion
Neon Trees
Wolfgang Gartner
and Blaqk Audio.

Check Live 105 for the full lineup!

Friday, April 1, 2011

AFI to release box set of 8 live DVDs + EP!

This was an April Fool's prank.

UPDATE: Word is that the band I Fight Dragons might be opening for the DVD shows. You can watch their video below.

During these days with no relevant AFI information, Jade tweeted they've been practicing for the first time in months. After AFI finished their contract with Intercope Records, we know that AFI met with Dexter Holland, owner of Nitro Records, and they signed a 4 year and 3 album releases contract with Nitro Record, and since Blaqk Audio is releasing Bright Black Heaven soon and AFI is not recording any new material soon, the first release will be a 8 (eight!!) DVD box set under Nitro Records!

"This is the biggest release Nitro Records has ever done and possibly the biggest we'll do. We're very glad to have our friends of AFI back in the label and we're hoping the best for them and us. They've put out many good albums after their first time with us so we're thrilled to have them back!" - Dexter Holland, in an e-mail interview with AFI News HQ

It was also revealed to us that this box set will contain 8 DVDs, each consisting in a live performance of every AFI album, all played from start to finish, including Nitro's vinyl only songs, mimicing Coheed and Cambria's "Neverender" release!!

According to them, the 8 dates only mini tour is:

May 26th 2011 - Berkeley Square, Berkeley, CA (Answer That show)
May 28th 2011 - 924 Gilman St, Berkeley, CA (Very Proud show)
May 30th 2011 - Nokia Theatre, New York (Shut Your Mouth + AFI EP show)
June 5th 2011 - Astoria, London England (Black Sails show)(DF only show)
June 7th 2011 - Bercy, Paris, France (All Hallow's + The Art of Drowning show)
June 13th 2011 - Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre, Los Angeles, CA (Sing The Sorrow show)
June 16th 2011 - Estadio Azteca, Mexico City, México (Decemberunderground show)
June 19th 2011 - The Troubadour, CA (Crash Love show)(DF only show)

Prices for shows are $37 USD, if you show your Despair Faction card you get a 20% discount. Ticket information will be released as soon as we know!

The DVD box set will feature:

* 8 (eight) live DVDs consisting of the entire show of AFI performing all songs from their albums, depending on each show
* Nitro's special edition of each album, featuring alternate covers and band comments of each album
* A 100 page book, featuring full color pictures of exclusive AFI photos from their Nitro Records era
* An EP featuring unreleased songs like Behind the Times' "Stupidest", "Weight of Words" and more!!

The DVD will be released on August 28th 2011 and we still don't know the price. Stay tuned!

This is the best opportunity to see AFI performing their old songs, and songs they haven't even played live!

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Beta: The AFI News HQ Community!

We are working on a new community for our readers. We have been testing it with a few people and have now decided that it is ready to go beta!

Testing the community would filling out a profile and starting a thread or two in the forum, then reporting any glitches to us. If you would like to start testing the community please email with a bit about yourself and why you think you would be a good beta tester!

Friday, March 25, 2011

New AFI Shirt "Film Noir"

A new AFI shirt titled Film Noir has been posted for sale on Hot Topic and ShockHound! The shirt is $20 on both sites and available in sizes ranging from XS-XL.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

New Dubstep Track From Jade

Jade posted a new dubstep track through his twitter. Listen below
We Want Your Blood by JadePuget

You can download the track!

Thanks to Remcomater336 for the tip!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Billie Joe Armstrong to take over as St. Jimmy in American Idiot *Updated*

Billie Joe Armstrong is confirmed to take over as St. Jimmy from April 5th to April 24th, the night American Idiot on Broadway is set to close. There is no word yet on who will bridge the gap between Davey's run ending March 13th, and Billie's run starting on April 5th.

Articles on the state of American Idiot
Rolling Stone
NY Times

First National Tour To Start This Fall
We will keep you updated with any further developments!

Monday, March 7, 2011

New videos and pictures of Davey in American Idiot

Zoe Aimee has posted some more videos of Davey in American Idiot from the March 5th show. She has also posted some good pictures of Davey by the stage door that you can see here.

DOOM Posts Two Reviews of Davey in American Idiot

Doom has posted two reviews of American Idiot.

The first review is by Sarah, who put up the full 3/1 performance for download. The first review also includes photos by Meg Smith, who shared her photos from Davey's debut with us.

The second review is by is by Paula O'Keefe, with photos from Elizabeth V Bouras.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Complete Audio of Davey's Broadway Debut Surfaces

Complete audio of Davey's debut performance in American Idiot has surfaced!

As we have said we won't be posting bootlegs (Good Riddance is from American Idiot, a board recording), so if you want to get the recording of Davey's debut you will have to go to Megaupload and download the file. Tumblr user Sarah posted it!

Pablo's edit: For those of you wondering, Davey sings on "St. Jimmy", "Last of The American Girls/She's a Rebel", "Last Night on Earth", "Know Your Enemy", "Homecoming" and "Good Riddance (Time of Your Life". As for the recording's quality, I'd give it 6.5/10.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Soundboard recording: Good Riddance live with Davey!

Hey guys, I haven't posted lately because I basically haven't found anything worth posting, until I received a soundboard recording of the American Idiot cast of Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) featuring Davey!


To download, right click, then Save Media As

The Raccoon Society Taking Questions To Ask Davey

Mat Devine front man of Kill Hannah will be asking Davey questions submitted on his blog The Raccoon Society. To submit a question click here and to find further information on The Raccoon Society click here

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Audio of Sirius XM Interview-Blaqk Audio Label Info!

Last night Davey was interviewed by Madison on the Sirius-XM station Alt Nation. You can listen to the interview below.

In the interview Davey revealed he hopes to have a label for Blaqk Audio by the time he leaves New York! First Look Photos of American Idiot post their pictures of American Idiots new cast. Click here to view

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Photos of Davey in American Idiot!

Our reader Meg has agreed to share her photos of Davey in American Idiot with us! You can view them below, click to view full-size.

Please do not post these photos anywhere without permission from Meg.

Rock 101.9 Interviews Davey Havok (Video)

101.9 has released a video of their interview with Davey Havok talking of his preparation for the role of St. Jimmy and early years listening to Green Day. *Video of audio interview posted before*

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

*UPDATED* AOL Interviews Davey

AOL studios conducted an interview with Davey discussing his role as St. Jimmy, who he will be playing from March 1st to March 13th. AOL has posted the interview which can be viewed below along with pictures.

In the interview Davey states that Blaqk Audio will be released as soon as a dance label is willing to release the album. After the Blaqk Audio tour they will go back to AFI! Ladies and gentleman, this is the first definite confirmation that AFI will be back afer Blaqk Audio!

Davey's American Idiot Bio

American Idiot has posted a bio of Davey, you can read it below.

  • Davey Havok
    Davey Havok
  • is the lead vocalist of the American rock band AFI as well as the electronic duo Blaqk Audio. AFI recently toured with Green Day on their Summer 2010 U.S. Tour. AFI has released eight studio albums in the past 19 years as a band, including the recent Crash Love, the platinum LP’s Sing The Sorrow, and Decemberunderground, which featured the hit single “Miss Murder”. Both the album and song achieved #1 in their respective charts, the Billboard 200 and Hot Modern Rock Tracks.
  • Rock 101.9 Interviews Davey

    Rock 101.9 interviewed Davey today about his role as St. Jimmy in American Idiot, which he is starting tonight. You can listen below, or download the interview (right click, save as).

    Davey to be Interviewed on Alt Nation Wednesday

    Davey will be a guest on Madison's show on Sirius XM-Alt Nation, at around 7pm Eastern Time Thursday 3/3 . You can email Madison with questions about the interview or requests.

    Alt Nation is on Facebook and Twitter. Alt Nation is currently running a survey to see what you want to hear!

    Monday, February 28, 2011

    Jade Posts a 3rd Remix

    Jade has posted a third remix to his Soundcloud Profile. The song is called Famous Sweat, it is a remix of the Britney Spears Hold It Against Me. Jade is allowing it to be downloaded!

    Famous Sweat by JadePuget

    Jade's remix Gold and Guns, originally Gold Guns Girls by Metric, was not downloadable when it was posted, however it is now.

    The first remix Jade posted to Soundcloud, Help, I'm Alive, also by Metric, can be downloaded as well, however this is not new.

    Saturday, February 26, 2011

    The Cult Status: AFI News HQ's Reader Survey

    We recently built a Reader Survey, and we would really appreciate it if you would take a minute or two of your time to fill it out. Getting feedback from you is very important to us!


    -The AFI News HQ Staff

    Update: Interview With Hoppus

    Last night the interview Mark Hoppus conducted with Davey aired on Fuse, you can watch the video below. Thanks to Michael for the tip.

    We are working with Fuse's marketing team to bring you a legal download of the interview, so far it seems like it might be possible. Stay tuned!

    Friday, February 25, 2011

    UPDATED WITH WINNERS! Louder Than Havok: AFI Compilation Contest

    Thanks to all the entries for The Louder Than Havok AFI Compilation Contest. All of the entries were truly thought provoked and it was quite hard to judge. Thanks again!

    We now have our three winners. They have each won a pair of tickets to see Davey in American Idiot on Broadway! These are the entries that won:

    Lauren T.

    I chose the theme of loosing childhood innocence as one grows older:

    1. The Boy Who Destroyed the World
    2. Theory of Revolution
    3. The Great Disappointment
    4. Now the World
    5. Over Exposure
    6. ...But Home is Nowhere
    7. Where We Used to Play

    When you're young you're generally happy, naive, optimistic, and blind to the problems of the world, but as you grow older you begin to understand these problems and begin to go through problems of your own. You realize that the way you perceived things as a child is very different from the way things actually are.
    The Boy Who Destroyed the World is about a boy who was once happy but as he got older, became depressed (maybe from being alienated from others?) and "lost his glow." He reaches out for help but it only makes him feel more alone because of how different he is from others, and how no one really empathizes with what he's feeling. He remembers when they were all young children and happy ("Remember when, Remember when, Remember when we were all so beautiful?") but as they grow older they all change ("But since then we've lost our glow").
    Theory of Revolution is about people beginning to do drugs and drink. Younger children don't really have any idea what drugs are, but as kids get older they start experimenting, some at a very early age. Eventually for some of these people drugs will take over their lives and destroy them, while those who don't do drugs might lose their old childhood friends to drugs and will have to go through that pain.
    The Great Disappointment is, to me, about a child who is brought up as a Christian and as they get older, realize that what they were taught is not true. The child is taught to believe in God and that their prayers will be answered, and being young and naive, accepts what they're being told without a second thought. The child dreams about angels and despite the fact that they have never seen an angel ("I knew they would appear, saw not a single one") still believes they exist. As time goes on the angels never appear and prayers remain unanswered yet the child continues to wait for something to happen, until they begin to start doubting their faith ("While I waited I was wasting away, hope was wasting away, faith was wasting away"), until finally they come to the painful realization that what they had been taught to believe in was just a lie. ("I always wanted to believe...But from the start I'd been deceived")
    Now the World is about a boy who falls in love with someone, probably for the first time. He feels like the girl he loves could make him happier than he's ever been before ("Summer I painted, a scene, that lit the stars for me") and completely opens himself up to her, only to have her turn him down ("That summer created, those words, that came to life in three, They were denied by you"). Instead of ending up being happier than he had ever been, the boy's heart is broken for the first time and he instead becomes more miserable than he had ever been before ("This summer created a boy of abject misery. He was designed by you").
    Over Exposure is about realizing all of the problems that there are in the world. It is about going through everything from being young and oblivious to it all, to experiencing pain, lies, and corruption, and feeling overwhelmed by all of this and wishing it was possible to be oblivious to it all once again.
    ...But Home is Nowhere is about how as time goes on one comes to terms with the fact that all childhood innocence is gone, and everything that was simple and easy about childhood is gone with it. As one gets older life becomes much more complex and painful than it was during childhood ("I lay strewn across the floor, pieced up in sorrow, The pieces are lost, these pieces don't fit"), but that's just the way it goes, and as difficult as it is, one must learn to accept that. BHIN relates to many of the points I talked about in the other songs; there is the lonely, misunderstood boy from TBWDTW ("Ungranted in dead time left me disowned To this nature, so unnatural, I remain alone"), the child who lost their faith in God in The Great Disappointment ("My prayers to disappear Absent of grace, marked as infernal"), and the boy who's heart was broken in Now the World ("Twenty-six years and seems like I've just begun To understand my, my intimate is no one").
    Where We Used to Play is about trying to find again innocence that was lost. It could be interpreted as someone returning to the place where they grew up in hopes of reliving their childhood, but finding out that even though the place itself might still be the same, everything else is different. The people that had once been childhood friends have changed and become distant ("I know I'm with strangers I recognize and I realize my own disowned me"). The bottom line is that as you grow up and go through difficult experiences, you lose your childhood innocence forever, and you can never really get it back.
    And that’s the end of my novel. XD

    Entrant #36 (name omitted to respect privacy)

    The theme of my AFI compilation is the instinctive evil of human nature, the darkness inside us that seeks to smother the light, to put out the fire inside us. This compilation follows our path from morn to night, our fall into darkness.

    1: Prelude 12/21
    2: Death of Seasons
    3: Beautiful Thieves
    4: The Missing Frame
    5: Medicate:
    6: The Last Kiss
    7: Reiver's Music

    When we are young, the fire burns brightly within us. We are innocent, blind to the world's faults and horrors that surround us, the injustices, and evil. We think that we know people, and that they will never betray our trust ("This is what I thought, I thought you'd need me. This is what I thought, so think me naïve.") Promises and love all seem to be real ("I promised you a heart you promised to keep.") Each night, our parents put us to bed ("Kiss my eyes and lay me to sleep."), and we wake thinking the world is still a good place, and the fire is still the greater force within it. The fire is our life force, the thing that keeps us going, the essence of goodness. It is art, it is knowledge, it is love, it is utterly benevolent... and it is easily corrupted.
    As we age and mature, we begin to see the human nature, and the evil that lies there. As Davey says in Death of Seasons, we are disgusted with what we see ("Writhing with sickness"), but we are immersed in it. In the media, criminals are glorified, broadcast around the world for all to see ("Turn it off." and "Turn it on."). We watch as all that is good, that stars and the light, fall, smothered by the crushing blackness of the sky, the evil that seeps into our hearts. We hate it, and would rebel against it ("All of this hatred is fucking real.") There are those that would comfort us, and tell us that life goes on despite it all, that it doesn't affect us. They try ignore it, but we know better. We know that it will not leave us alone, that the darkness will find us and try to take us, for it has taken so many in the past ("It won't be all right, despite what they say. Just watch the stars tonight as they disappear, disintegrate."). Even as we try to cling to our beliefs and our morals, we can feel ourselves slipping away. However, we believe that we won't sit by idly; we will fight to keep the fire burning ("I hope to shade the world as stars go out and I disintegrate.").
    With each passing second, each beat of our hearts, we see more of the atrocities. In Beautiful Thieves, the phrase "beautiful thieves" has a double meaning. First, they are those with power and influence, who can get away with anything they please, any crime, any immoral action ("Can't you see they turn blind eyes to we swift and spotlight strangers? Oh, before the rush is over, we will be revered again while the victims still recover." "If we run this light, take a little life, no one will care at all.") The media will gloat over them anyway, simply giving them more publicity, and the people will love them all the same ("Even if we're discovered just be sure to wear your best; we will surely make the covers.") Secondly, they are addictive substances: drugs, alcohol, and sex, to name a few ("the rush"). Once you have become addicted, taken by these evil things, you do not know that they are wrong, and will keep coming back to them ("Who would run for cover? Who would run from us?" "No one suspects at all."). We see all this, we know it, but it is difficult to fight.
    In The Missing Frame, our morals are blurred ("constants become surreal."). We see people turning to death to escape the darkness of the world ("suicides are revealed."). We see people forgetting the morals and values they once upheld ("I watch them all forget.") In the face of all this evil and corruption, we slip away faster and faster ("I'm lost in little deaths.") It becomes harder and harder to resist ("I forget my life"). We wonder if we can withstand the evil that rushes about us and the media that brainwashes us, barraging our minds. We wonder if we can keep our fire burning ("Will the flood behind me put out the fire inside me?") In the end, we stop trying to fight. The evil is too much to overcome, and we give in. We let it break in, and tear our sense of decency and goodness to shreds, even though we know it means we can never go back ("I'll let you tear it up if you don't wake me up. But if you tear it, we can't repair it, so please don't wake me till someone cares. Now no one cares. ... it's apparent that you don't care. And it's sunk into me 'cause I don't care. Now no one cares.") And no one cares; it's just another life lost, another fire that has gone out.
    We fall from light into the darkness of addiction. It is both the addiction to drugs and a cheap, superficial, unfeeling and meaningless love ("Medicate here with me. Now as we lose ourselves in this, ignore that you don't even know my name. Medicate.") The darkness isolates us, even though we pretend to be loved ("I've come to find everyone goes away."). We know that we cannot escape ("I'm destined to remain."). In the cold and the dark, the evil has robbed us of all feeling and emotion ("Can you describe what it's like? I feel nothing. Can you feel this? Does it sting? I feel nothing at all. Can you tell me how it feels?"). We want to be a part of the darkness and embrace it. We want to still feel like someone knows us, or would want to ("Can we pretend this is real?"). And we continue to "Medicate."
    The Last Kiss represents the trading of addiction to love for an addiction to self-infliction. We are left alone, and want someone to pity us, to bring us back from the darkness ("Hung in your room, swaying, hoping only that you'll see."). No one will come; there is only the evil and the darkness ("I'm alone in such poor company."). The evil cannot be stopped, and we continue to indulge on drugs ("I can't stop the insects that are feeding, pull the needles from beneath my skin."). Distantly, we remember a time when the flame was still alive within us, but cannot quite recall the light ("You'll love the eyes. Have they always shone so vacantly?"). Still, we sink further and further from the surface, down into the dark, into the evil. We try to put the blame on someone else, to free ourselves of the guilt ("Hurt myself today. It's all for you. Do you like what I'm becoming? Cut myself today. It's all for you."). In the end, we cannot escape our guilt, our self-hate, our addiction, our fate; and we, too, turn to death.
    Reiver's Music is the mind reeling as we die. It is a reflection on the life we have lead, the path we traveled, and the fall off the edge. We recall when we were overwhelmed by evil, and stopped trying to resist, when our fire went out ("I gave up fighting.") We remember the first time, when we convinced ourselves that we could go back ("Am I now worse off for this one night?") We remember how we were so quickly abandoned by those we had trusted ("All the while we know those enamored never miss us.") Then we embraced the darkness utterly ("I've taken to speaking words that only they know.") Even when we were so far gone, we knew that we were alone, despite our denial of it ("How soon I did see, all here is unseen.") Then we despaired, and committed suicide ("I gave up trying. I've come to be these halos."). And we know that, in a world so full of evil, no one will remember us ("Those enamored who won't miss us."). As we lose our grip on life, we see these things one last time ("All now in dying days. Hear nothing and see no one. All now in dying days. Nothing is all we own. All now in dying days. Hear nothing and see no one. All now in dying days. No one is who we know.") And then the light fades in our eyes, and the darkness is complete, and we are lost.

    Entrant #53 (name omitted to respect privacy)

    For my theme I chose Losing Faith. I know these songs may hold a different meaning for everyone, but when I hear these songs I relate them to religion and the realization that your faith my be wrong.

    1. The Great Disappointment- I see this song as the beginning of the realization that you have lost faith. The title alone relates to the Millerite Movement and the hope that the rapture would happen in 1844. When that didn't happen, it was then called the Great Disappointment. But the lyrics give way to the notion that he wasted away waiting for God and being excited about the idea until, at last, he realizes his mistake.
    2. The Despair Faction- This has the same meaning to me as The Great Disappointment, just in a softer version. Waiting is a huge theme in this song as well.
    3. This Time Imperfect- There are many meanings for this song to me. But one that can fit is the idea of being hurt because he feels betrayed by believing in God. "Seems no one will appear and make me real" is the idea of the Church saying you are not alive until you believe in Christ.
    4. Miseria Cantare-This could also relate by finding a group of people with the same belief as you. "Love your hate, your faith lost, you are now one of us>"
    5. Miss Murder- This is symbolic of Lucifer's fall from heaven, when can also be seen as one's fall from faith. "That the ghost you love, your ray of light will fizzle out, without hope." Maybe this is trying to convince someone that still believes that they are wrong?
    6. Open Your Eyes- I see this song as being about the church and how many religions can make people feel worthless and criticize people for their sins. When in many cases the people who are doing the judging are sinning far more than the congregation knows. "Open your eyes, the real problem is you."
    7. Sacrilige- This song comes full circle from The Great Disappointment. He is no longer struggling with whether or not God exists, he is fully comfortable with his beliefs. He is showing his frustration with the people who still believe, and just can't understand why anyone would choose to believe in God. He finds it a ancient fairy tale, and an obsolete idea. He says "I see you're scared, well I feel fine" which shows just how much he is set in what he sees as truth. This song is the the most obvious in this theme, there is no hiding the true meaning. It is just out there for all to see!

    -Original post below-

    It’s time to announce how we will give away the remaining six tickets (three pairs) of tickets to see Davey in American Idiot!

    To enter, think of a theme such as a season, place, or feeling (be creative!) and then seven AFI songs that fit that theme and explain why. No more than three songs from each album or EP! If a song was released more than once, count it on every release it was on. Post entries in the comments with your name and email*, only one entry per person please. The deadline to enter is 4PM Eastern on Sunday, February 27th.

    Good Luck To All!

    *If you prefer not to post your name and email in the comments, email with your info and you will be sent a number to include in your comment. Do this before posting your entry!

    Wednesday, February 23, 2011

    Video Preview of Davey on Hoppus On Music

    A short snippet of Mark Hoppus interviewing Davey Havok from Hoppus On Music to air February 25th Friday can be seen below.

    Edit: Here is another clip, thanks to Recomater336!

    Edit 2: One more clip!

    Edit 3: Wiredset, a marketing company, sent us this additional info about the episode:

    "AFI frontman, Davey Havok, is the latest punk rock icon to hit the Broadway stage as he takes on the role of St. Jimmy in "American Idiot". Tune-in as he sits down with Mark on the latest episode of "Hoppus on Music" this Friday, 2/25, at 11/10c on Fuse TV! Also on the show, Fitz & the Tantrums rock the Hoppus stage as the band performs."