Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Kerrang! Reviews Crash Love

Hari typed out a review that is on the Kerrang! magazine.

“California’s Goth Punks Return In Style

In a time when bands come and go in the flash of a guitar solo, it takes some nerve for a band to take three years to follow up their last album. This is even more startling when one learns that AFI scrapped an entire CD’s worth of recordings simply becuase they felt the work lacked sufficient evidence of progression to please either themselves or their attentive, sometimes obsessive, fans. You can bet your waterproof mascara that the one group of people this decision did not impress was the band’s record company. Druing Crash Love’s quieter moments you can almost hear the heavy sighs and tapping of watches emanating from the executive offices on Interscope Records.

Was it worth the wait? Well, yes, yes it was.

Crash Love is not an album that really comes to life on a first listen, and this might well count against it in these hurried times. But repeated plays will reveal a collection that often sounds gentle but is in fact anything but. End Transmission may jangle like a wrist fill on nine carat gold, but its lyrics sing of a ‘broken radio’ that is ‘playing suicide’. What kind of fucked up place is this? Seven songs in, there is a chorus as bright as the Californian sky, but it comes under the title Darling I Want To Destroy You. What kind of people are these? Well, as ever, AFI are clever people, talented writers who can both sooth and decastate. Maybe this time around AFI will get the recognition they deserve.”

(Ian Winwood)

Download: Too Shy To Scream
For fans of: Misfits, The Cure

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