Monday, September 28, 2009 Interview with Davey

Jason Epstein from had a phone chat with AFI singer and songwriter Davey Havok about the band’s past, present, future and Crash Love.

Davey talking about ”Love Is A Many Splendored Thing”

I remember the first release of that song was taken from a cassette tape that we recorded on a little box in Mark’s like foyer of his parent’s house. We recorded it on a little tape and somebody released it on a comp….it sounded great…but you know for that song, who cares? We thought it sounded the best it had ever sounded on that tape.

Talk about the EP:

In 2007 there was some talk of an EP being written from leftovers of the Decemberunderground sessions. Did that turn into Crash Love?

No, by no means. There were b-sides that were going to be released on an EP but we hit so many problems along the way that we just put it aside. Those songs are actually coming out on certain versions of this record; they might be coming out as b-sides in England. There were I believe three songs from Decemberunderground and maybe one from the Sing the Sorrow outtakes, maybe two but they will be released.

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