Friday, September 18, 2009

Sampler Leak, New Contest, More Official Lyrics

First off, the 4-track sampler has leaked. "Torch Song," "Beautiful Thieves," "End Transmission," and "Darling, I Want To Destroy You" are showing up on various MySpace and Youtube pages. We will not be linking to them, so you will need to do a bit of digging.

We reported yesterday about the new AFI contest on where you submit art that reflects your interpretation of the lyrics. On that same page is a Crash Love widget. There is now another contest to forward the widget via e-mail. The prize for the top five forwarders is a signed copy of Crash Love. There is no indication of whether the copy is Regular or Deluxe.

Also in the widget on are the official lyrics to four songs from Crash Love. We've put the full lyrics in the comments section. Click here for Torch Song lyrics. Click here for Too Shy To Scream lyrics. Click here for It Was Mine lyrics.


  1. IT WAS MINE:Don't moveDon't do anythingWhat we caputred got awaySlipped from usDon't speakDont say anythingThey've been recording what we sayfor years nowYou won't see them right awayBut you'll hear them singingHold me closely now but Don't say anythingThey've come to take me awayAnd won't leave until I'm goneDon't feelDon't love anythingLove attracts all thoseWho taint the cherishedDon't try to change anythingNothing can pure every stayThey'll sayRelax you'll be fineAll we love goes awayThey'll takeAll you left them findIt was mine

  2. TOO SHY TO SCREAM:I come quitely. Silent entitiesCan lack a certain weight when unseen.Do they speak of me?My voice left with the breeze thatWhispered "You should flee or you shall be seen?"I'd dieIf you only met my eyesBefore you pass byWill you pause to break my heart?I am everywhere, everywhere but hereFor here is where you grace the namelessWere I not so weak, Could even speak I'd warn that you should leave beforeYou're seen with me.They don't hear me. Do I bore them when I tell themI adore them?

  3. TORCH SONG:I saw you. Angels came to light your path. I heard you keep their wings pressed under glass.Now I am so enthralled that I might die?I saw you, sweetly smile,and say "do try."AnythingI'd tear out my eyes for you my dear,anything to see everything that you doI saw you so bereft and paleand weak when I looked through youand declined to speakI won't say anything.I'd tear out my eyes for you my dear,anything to see everything that you do.I'll do anything. I'll tear out my soulfor you my dear, oh my dear.Anything to feel everything as you do.Leave meLeave me to grieve that nothing's lost.Leave me, but when you leave knownothing's lost.

  4. Glad you got around to posting this."They don't hear me. Do I bore them when I tell them I adore them?" is my favorite lyric currently because it expresses how people generally don't show a response when you tell them how much they meant to you.