Saturday, October 30, 2010

Despair Faction Signups Return!

After almost a year, the DF signups are back up. For now you can buy the membership package on AFI's website, available in Mens and Girls. The links from the DF are still not working. It will be a while until you get your DF access online according to Gavin, as there are still things to be worked out on the site.


FULL SHOW: Lollapalooza August 7th 2010!

Hi guys,

After a tough battle, the Lollapalooza show won over the Blaqk Audio one. Fear not, as that show will be uploaded as well, in anticipation of Bright Black Heaven's release.

The show on DVD can be traded with me if you contact me at, make sure you also check my full list here. These videos were compressed for an easier/faster upload, but the real deal is on DVD.

Blaqk Audio at Spookfest 2010

Blaqk Audio played tonight at Spookfest in San Fransisco. According to the Blaqk Audio thread on the DF, they played three new songs: one called "This Is". It is rumored that they played "Fade To White", though as of yet there is no audio or video to support that claim. The third song was "Let's Be Honest", though, again, there isn't audio because of security.

Full setlist:

  1. This Is
  2. Again, Again and Again
  3. Fade to White
  4. On a Friday
  5. Let's Be Honest
  6. Bon Voyeurs
  7. Stiff Kittens
  8. Semiotic Love

Note: Post edited by James at 1:12PM, EST, 10/30/2010

Monday, October 25, 2010

New Blaqk Audio Song on Soundcheck Last Night

Last night Davey had an interview on Live 105's Radio Soundcheck. They played a brand new Blaqk Audio song called "Mouth To Mouth", as well as playing "Ill Lit Ships" and "Bon Voyeurs".
In the interview, Davey said that "Mouth To Mouth" should be on Bright Black Heaven, and that the album was recorded but needed to be mixed and mastered, and he and Jade needed to find a record label before putting it out. They also talked about Spookfest, and possible plans for releasing the new record and singles. Also, DJ Axelson said that he stole the demos for Bright Black Heaven, including "Ill Lit Ships", from Davey's dressing room at Not So Silent Night in Oakland last year.
To listen to the interview, go here.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Davey to appear on Live 105's Soundcheck!

Aaron Axelsen just posted that Davey Havok will join him tomorrow Saturday Sunday on his radio show "Soundcheck", where he will (pressumably) talk about Blaqk Audio's forthcoming show/album, so it's likely that he will give some new information!

It was also announced that "new" Blaqk Audio songs would be premiered, so don't forget to check it out!

The radio show airs from 19:00 to 22:00, so make sure you go to to listen live!

Monday, October 4, 2010

DF Members: Choose the color of the AFI EP repressing!

Gavin has posted a poll on the Despair Faction allowing DF members to vote on the color the next A Fire Inside EP 7" repress will be. It was released on Adeline Records and, if this happens, it would be the fourth repress. The colors are White, Purple, Red, Blue and Clear. Go to to vote!

Here are the results so far: