Saturday, September 26, 2009

New Interview With Davey Discusses Art, Music

Thanks to AshleyxNicole, we’ve found an art-related interview that Davey has done with art and culture magazine Juxtapoz. In the interview, he shares eight pieces of art from his personal collection. Click here to see the full interview.

About the Crash Love Heart, Davey said “The graphic image that’s on the new album is based on something that I quickly scratched onto a note pad in the studio. The version you see, created by Jason Noto, is far superior to what I drew.”
From the interview we found out that when AFI plays in Japan on September 27, they will be “supporting a very amiable pop star named Himuro and we’ll be playing 6 songs in front of 30k people before returning to join him for his encore.”
When asked what advice he would give to young musicians, Davey said: “Do only what you love and give not a fuck if people have negative things to say about it. Being unpopular generally means that you’re doing something right. If fame and fortune is all that you aspire to, please just stop, and spare us all.”
Davey also spoke of touring plans: “We’re flying to Tokyo for three nights and then we return to the states. Our record comes out Sept 29th so we’re playing the Roxy in LA before starting a North American tour that will last until next year. I think [January] will have us back in Europe, [February] is Australia and it will be more US dates thereafter.”

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