Sunday, January 31, 2010

AFI’s Myspace Updated with New Theme

AFI’s official myspace has been updated to have a new picture on the header. The picture is from the video shoot of the Beautiful Thieves Music video.

No DF Line for Las Vegas 1/31 show

Tonight’s show in Las Vegas, NV will not have a Despair Faction-only line due to “extenuating circumstances.” There will only be one (very long!) regular line. This is important to post here because not everybody will be aware of this given the short notice.

30/01/10 Phoenix, AZ Setlist

Girl’s Not Grey
The Leaving Song Pt. II
I Am Trying Very Hard To Be Here
Kill Caustic
End Transmission
File 13
Love is a Many Splendored Thing
Beautiful Thieves
Dancing Through Sunday
Okay, I Feel Better Now
The Leaving Song
Death of Seasons
Miss Murder
Too Shy to Scream
Love Like Winter
Silver And Cold

Soundcheck (Thanks to Brandon):
Okay, I Feel Better Now
Cold Hands
It Was Mine
Stop (Jane’s Addiction cover)
Nothin’ But a Good Time (Poison cover)

*Setlist might not be in order. Credit goes to Drew for the setlist

Jade and Hunter Takeover X 103.9

Earlier today, Hunter and Jade tookover X103.9 before the Phoenix, Arizona show. During their takeover, they selected certain songs that were played on-air. Hunter and Jade’s playlist:

THE BIG PINK- “Sominos”
CLASH- “London Calling”
AT THE GATES –“Blinded by Fear”
ANDY SAMBERG- “A Special Christmas Song”
GRIZZLY BEAR-“While You Wait For The Others”
PIXIES- “Bone Machine”
DIRTY PROJECTORS- “Stillness Is The Move”

You can view pictures of the takeover here.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Huge update of GuitarPro tabs on AFI Ignite

Our GuitarPro tab page just underwent to its biggest update. I just posted all the tabs we have from Answer That, Very Proud of Ya, Shut Your Mouth, AFI EP, Black Sails, Black Sails EP, The Art of Drowning, TDOTP EP, and the TWO we have from Crash Love.

Remember, they have all three instruments and you can mute the instrument you play while playing along! You can check ‘em out here!.

I would like to take this opportunity to request from people who tab songs, to submit GuitarPro tabs, preferably containing all 3 instruments. Especially for Crash Love. I know it would be fullfilling to know your tabs helped other people to learn AFI songs. You can submit them to I would really appreciate it and I’m sure most of the amateur guitarists who visit the site would as well. You will receive proper credit.

Digital Diversion Posts Santa Cruz Pictures

Digital Diversion has posted 48 high-quality pictures from the Santa Cruz show last night. View them here.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Beautiful Thieves WORLD PREMIERE on MTV

AFI posted on their news page that the world premiere for Beautiful Thieves will be on February 4, 2010 on all MTV channels as well as on the MTV website at 6:00 AM EST. If you can’t see the video when it premieres, check out all of the video airtimes here.

A new video was also added to AFI’s video channel that ends with an information screen about the video premiere. On an unrelated note, here is a review from AFI’s recent show in Reno, NV by the Reno Gazette-Journal.

First Crash Love era poster (Updated)

According to my friend Kitty, who attended the AFI show on Monday night in Portland, Crash Love-era posters were available at the merch table. As far as we know, this is the first poster for sale from this era. We have a picture of the poster signed, also courtesy of Kitty. The bottom says “AFI CRASH LOVE.”
The poster costs $5.00. And in case you were wondering, the 500 silver on black editions of the Sing the Sorrow that Adam found in his rehearsal space are still on sale at shows for $15.00.

Update: We’ve been informed in the comments that this poster has been available at all shows so far in the January tour leg.

29/01 update: The poster is for sale at InterPunk for $5.75. Link.

28/01/10 Santa Cruz, CA Setlist

Girl’s Not Grey
The Leaving Song Pt. II
I Am Trying Very Hard To Be Here
Kill Caustic
End Transmission
File 13
Love is a Many Splendored Thing
Beautiful Thieves
Dancing Through Sunday
The Leaving Song
On The Arrow
Death of Seasons
Miss Murder
Too Shy to Scream
Love Like Winter
Silver and Cold

An Easier Way To Submit News: AIM

Since we at AFI News HQ aren’t watching our inboxes 24/7, we have another way for you to submit news! Generally, we contact one another through AIM. So, we figured why not have you guys give us suggestions, criticism, and news to us on there so we immediately receive it?

Jason: americnidiot4929
Pablo: consultmylover89
Mary: talk2much1603
Mike: xxdarockermikexx

In Transmission: Sacrilege & Darling, I Want to Destroy You

Episode 7 of Buzznet’s weekly web series In Transmission has been posted. This week’s videos about Sacrilege and Darling, I Want to Destroy You are now up. You can find Part 1 here and Part 2 here. For links to all of the previous videos, see the left sidebar.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Bright Black Heaven: "Hopefully this Summer…"

The Rebel Yell, a college newspaper for UNLV has posted an interview with Jade in anticipation of AFI’s Sunday night show at the House of Blues in Las Vegas. Click here to read the interview.

Regarding the release of Bright Black Heaven, Blaqk Audio’s new album, Jade said “hopefully this Summer.”

About the Beautiful Thieves music video, Jade said: “It’s sort of a story‑based video. Our last video was pretty much all performance‑based so we wanted to do a little something different. It’s more of a narrative. I don’t want to say what it is until it comes out. There’s a little bit of acting involved on our part, and we shot it in this insane mansion in the Los Angeles area. We spent all day up at this weird house in the middle of nowhere that this woman lived in with her horses.”

Channel 92.3 Interview with AFI

DJ Mega Tanner of the Bay Area radio station Channel 92.3 is going to be talking with AFI tonight before their show at The Catalyst. You can send question ideas to @megatanner on Twitter and as soon as the interview is up we’ll post it here.

27/01/10 Fresno, CA Setlist

Girl’s Not Grey
The Leaving Song Pt. II
I Am Trying Very Hard To Be Here
Kill Caustic
End Transmission
Advances in Modern Technology
Love is a Many Splendored Thing
Beautiful Thieves
Dancing Through Sunday
The Missing Frame
On The Arrow
Death of Seasons
Miss Murder
Too Shy to Scream
Love Like Winter
Silver and Cold

Mark Is Filming More AFI Goodies

Mark, PanasonicYouth on the OMB, recently told us he will, once again, be heading out on tour with AFI and will be filming. He told us that the filming will be In Transmission Part 2 but the filming will not be about Crash Love. We will keep you updated.

Look For New Stuff On

Veronica Sawyer just tweeted:

“Keep an eye on my Twitter and website over the next few weeks – I may have some exciting AFI news coming up!” Interview with Hunter

College Times, a media network providing coverage to college campuses, has posted an interview with Hunter about Crash Love and his side projects. You can read the article here.

On an unrelated note, you all should definitely check out the video that our affiliate just posted. It’s a full show in decent quality from the January 25 show in Portland, OR.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

AFI on SWRV TV teaser video

AFI stopped by the studios of SWRV TV today, and a teaser video of the interview has been posted here. We’ll keep you updated when the full video is shown.

Key Lime Pie interview with AFI to be aired Mon. Feb. 8th, plus teaser!

Key Lime Pie Radio will play an interview with AFI on WGDR Plainfield on Monday, February 8th, 2010 between 3 and 4 PM, EST. It might be split into two parts as it is pretty long, so try to keep February 15th open as well, the split has yet to be decided.

Here is a preview/outtake from the interview
. Also be sure to check out Mad Rock Radio from 2-3EST.

Tempe, AZ Signing CANCELLED

The AFI signing in Tempe, AZ at Zia Records that was announced by AFIhas been cancelled. They said AFI told them that they were going to be traveling and could not make it. I called Zia myself today and they said that there was no longer a signing.

Commodore Ballroon Review has posted a review of the performance at the Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver. The article reads:

“A flash grenade of red stage light explodes across the audience halting the restless pre show chatter on this restless Sunday night. As the stars fade from vision a united noise erupts from the Commodore Ballroom’s spectators as the image of Hunter Burgan…..”

To read the full review go here.

AFI Will Be On 104.1 It Just Rocks

According to this tweet from the radio station 104.1 It Just Rocks, AFI will be interviewed tomorrow. This is in anticipation for AFI’s show tomorrow night at the Rainbow Ballroom.

The tweet said: “BTW, Alesia Martinez will takeover @1041itjustrocks with @afi tomorrow. She is a HUGE fan & Davey will love her questions, she brought it!”

If you catch the interview, try to record it for us. The interview will be live on-air. The band’s estimated time of arrival at the studio is 2:30 PM.

Darling, I Want To Destroy You Live Premiere

Darling, I Want to Destroy was played live for the first time at the Showbox in Seattle on January 21, 2010. The performance has been uploaded to youtube HERE. The performance of Death of Seasons with guest vocalist John Pettibone was also uploaded and can be seen HERE.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

AFI Takeover KRZQ

Davey and Jade stop by KRZQ Radio before the The Knitting Factory show in Reno for an interview. In this interview they talk about which songs they listen to and they speak of their shows for AFI and Blaqk Audio. To view the full “Takeover” interview go HERE.

Davey talks Music Videos on KROQ

In today’s edition of KROQ’s music news, Davey talks about how music videos are a dying art. The DJ Kat Corbett plays “Medicate” as background music and metions the Beautiful Thieves teaser video. Our writer Mike tipped KROQ about the teaser video. You can hear a recording of the KROQ segment HERE on their official site.

Missoulian article about AFI in games

The Missoulian, a local news site covering Missoula, MT where AFI played a show last week, has posted an article about many fans being exposed to AFI through video games, as far back as 1999 with Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater featuring “The Boy Who Destroyed The World” and most recently a Rock Band downloadable track pack. Click here to read the story, which includes new quotes from Jade.

Interview with Jade in "Sue" Magazine

There was an interview with AFI in the Finnish magazine “Sue” in October 2008. Defoni on our forums has translated it. They talk about the Begin Transmission contest, Guitar Hero, andsome of the making of the album. Here is an excerpt:

“What makes Crash Love a timeless AFI album is the fact that we could’ve really done it in any stage of our career. It doesn’t sound like it’s attached to any specific time.”
“…we’ve pushed our thing forward for years now by the right reasons, without questionable goals like money.”

25/01/10 Portland, OR Setlist

Girl’s Not Grey
The Leaving Song Pt. II
I’m Trying Very Hard to Be Here
Kill Caustic
End Transmission
Ever and a Day
Love is a Many Splendord Thing
Beautiful Thieves
Dancing Through Sunday
The Missing Frame
On the Arrow
Death of Seasons
Miss Murder
The Interview
Love Like Winter
Silver and Cold

Davey Havok in Godkiller: Walk Among Us Pt. 2

Godkiller: Walk Among Us Pt. 2, the second installment in a graphic-novel-turned-animated-movie featuring Davey Havok as the character Dragos, will be out in stores on January 26, 2010. This DVD is the second part of the first Godkiller film ‘Walk Among Us’ which also included Davey. This DVD is available for pre-order on Amazon here. Godkiller Part 3 will be in stores on March 10, 2010 according to this page on Amazon.

Monday, January 25, 2010

24/01/10 Vancouver, BC Canada Setlist

Girl’s not Grey
The Leaving Song Pt. II
I’m Trying Very Hard to Be Here
Kill Caustic
End Transmission
Ever and a Day
Love is a Many Splendord Thing
Beautiful Thieves
Dancing Through Sunday
The Leaving Song
On the Arrow
Death of Seasons
Miss Murder
Too Shy to Scream
Love Like Winter
Silver and Cold

Sunday, January 24, 2010

AFI in Alternative Press Reader’s Feedback

AFI has been featured in the March 2010 issue of Alternative Press’ in the Reader’s Feedback section. One of our readers, Katie, has been kind enough to scan the article for us. You can see a picture of the full page here and a picture of the words here.

As a side note, is now selling a Roseland Theater Concert Flyer for $12.95. You can buy it here.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Welcome to our new writer, James!

Jason’s note: we added James as a writer earlier this week, but he has only now returned from vacation. Here’s his note to you all:

Hey everyone, Pablo and the rest of the AFI News HQ team gave me the honor of having a spot on the site as a writer, so here I am!
I recently interviewed AFI for my radio show, Key Lime Pie an all AFI hour on WGDR Plainfield, I hope to play it on the air soon. I’ll keep you all posted!
If you need to contact me, my email is and my DF username is also madrockradio. -James

Decemberunderground Test Press Auction for Haiti

Adeline Records, the label owned by Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong that presses AFI vinyl, has posted a Decemberunderground vinyl test pressing (limited to 5 pressings!) for auction on eBay. The highest bidder is currently at $425. 100% of the proceeds will go toward Doctors Without Borders, a group currently working in Haiti.
If you’re looking to bid for something on the cheaper side and still have the proceeds go to Haiti relief efforts, we’ve teamed up with Interscope Records to put several items up for bidding. So far we have a Black Sails In The Sunset CD and an A Fire Inside EP CD. Soon we’ll be putting up signed Crash Love booklets from Interscope.

Update: Now Adeline is auctioning off another AFI item. The item is a Sing The Sorrow 12″ double vinyl. This is a limited edition gatefold red vinyl. This double LP release is limited to 10,000 copies. Bidding started at $20.00 and the current highest bid is $20.00. All proceeds go to Doctors Without Borders.
Update 2: Adeline also has A Fire Inside EP and a regular DU vinyl up for auction.

Weekend Discussion: What song should AFI cover?

If AFI were to record a cover song tomorrow and release it, what song would you want them to cover and why? Keep in mind that it would need to be a song that AFI can pull off well. We’ll take the most popular suggestions and make a poll tonight.

Personally I would like to see them record a Cure song like “In Between Days,” because Davey’s voice fits Robert Smith’s well and Jade would have fun with the acoustic shuffle. Or any Bad Religion song, like “Sorrow.” The gang vocals in the chorus would be magic, and Adam would be able to do some faster-paced drumming.

22/01/10 Seattle, WA Setlist

This is the first time Darling, I Want To Destroy You has been played during a show (it has been soundchecked several times). Sacrilege is now the only song on Crash Love, excluding B-sides, that has yet to be played. Another interesting show note: during Ceremony’s soundcheck last night, Davey joined for a cover of Negative Approach’s “Ready To Fight.”

1. Medicate
2. Girl’s Not Grey
3. The Leaving Song Pt. II
4. Veronica Sawyer Smokes
5. Kill Caustic
6. End Transmission
7. Ever and a Day
8. Love is a Many Splendored Thing
9. Beautiful Thieves
10. Dancing Through Sunday
11. Darling, I Want to Destroy You
12. On the Arrow
13. Death of Seasons w/ Guest Vocals by John Pettibone
14. Love Like Winter
15. Too Shy to Scream
16. Miss Murder
17. Silver and Cold

Photo Gallery from Boise Signing

Boise Record Exchange, a local record store where AFI held a signing last weekend, has posted a photo gallery of the event here on Flickr. Included in the bunch is a picture of the famously signed “Key Lime Pie” tattoo.

Friday, January 22, 2010

AZ Central Q&A with Adam

AZ Central, an Arizona-based local news site, has posted an interview with Adam. The topics include Crash Love, the fan backlash over not playing old songs live, and drumming in AFI’s early days. Click here to read the article. Here’s an excerpt:

“…a lot of the people that are coming to the shows wanting to hear a certain era of the band, they’re sometimes asking for songs that predate them as people. And that’s not to say that their opinions don’t count. That’s not to say the music hasn’t grabbed them. But we spent 14 years playing those songs on the road and I think we earned the right to move away from them for a little while.”

Zu Boutique International Orders Coming Feb. 1

Danny, Davey’s partner in crime for ZuBoutique, just tweeted: ”Good news: Just saw the list of international retailers for our shoes. Getting your hands on a pair should be easy! I’ll share on Feb. 1st.”

We will keep you updated.

Punk Rock TV AFI Interview In Japan

AFI interview from September 2009 in Japan

21/01/10 Knitting Factory setlist

Girl’s Not Grey
The Leaving Song Pt. II
I Am Trying Very Hard to Be Here
No Poetic Device
Kill Caustic
End Transmission
Love is a Many Splendored Thing
Beautiful Thieves
Dancing Through Sunday
The Leaving Song
On the Arrow
Death of Seasons
Miss Murder
Too Shy to Scream
Love Like Winter
Silver and Cold

Beautiful Thieves Music Video Teaser Now Up

After a new Tweet to Reveal started this morning, a 54-second teaser for the Beautiful Thieves music video was posted to It shows the band walking up to a mansion and entering what looks to be a Hollywood party while an extended version of the intro noise of Torch Song plays. A wine glass falls to the ground and breaks. Beautiful Thieves begins and the teaser fades to black.

Update: at some point the video was extended to 1:10 and now includes the text “Beautiful Thieves Music Video coming soon.”

Thursday, January 21, 2010 Interview with Davey

The Fresno Bee, an online newspaper covering Central California, has posted an interview with Davey from before last night’s show in Missoula, MT. Davey talked about accusations of AFI selling out, as well as how the band gradually became more successful over a long period of time.

Speaking about the band’s new fame, Davey said, “We’ve started to be able to live comfortably off what we’re doing. To be able to go record shopping and buy whatever we want, to be able to eat whatever we want, it was really shocking — and super cool.”

In Transmission: Episode 6

Episode 6 of Buzznet’s In Transmission video interview series has been posted to You can find Okay, I Feel Better Now’s video here, and Medicate/IATVHTBH here.

In the Okay, I Feel Better Now video, Jade and Davey discuss the evolution of from a simple acoustic track to a grand song, and how Adam helped it realize its full potential. Adam reveals that the song was re-recorded with a much different sound, and details how the drums differed between the two versions.

In the Medicate/IATVHTBH, Hunter talks about the bass inspiration for Medicate (Poison’s “Nothing But A Good Time”). Adam talks about the evolution (or lack thereof) on IATVTBH.

For links to previous episodes, see the left sidebar of the blog.

Vancouver’s interview with Davey’s Sarah Rowland recently discussed the vegan lifestyle/food, being straight edge, and fashion with Davey before their performance at the Commodore Ballroom on Sunday (January 24). View the article here.

AFI News HQ & Interscope’s Haiti Relief Auction

AFI News Headquarters and Interscope Records have teamed up to help aid earthquake victims in Haiti. In the upcoming days, we will post a bunch of AFI goodies, from signed CDs to posters, for you to bid on eBay. 100% of the proceeds will go to the American Red Cross’ Haiti Relief Fund.

We will make a new gadget on the left side of the blog where all of the auction links will be placed. Check back in the next few days for details.

Davey and Jade weigh in on Late-Night Drama

B-Sides TV has posted a video from their interview with AFI at the Phoenix Theater on Friday, January 15, 2010. In this clip they discuss the recent drama surrounding the NBC late-night shake-up involving Jay Leno and Conan O’Brien.

Jade is “firmly in the Conan camp” while Davey discusses the aesthetic differences between the two talk show hosts. We’ll keep you updated on when this full interview is aird on B-sides TV. You can find information on how to watch the weekly episodes on TV here.

Tweet To Reveal Beautiful Thieves video teaser

Interscope is doing another Tweet to Reveal campaign, this time to reveal a teaser of the Beautiful Thieves video. AFI’s official site has a new front page that says, “Once we reach 1,000 Tweets we will reveal the new video teaser here.”
It also shows the last twelve fans who tweeted and a link to go to the regular site. There is no counter to say how many tweets we have left. There is, however, a picture of them in suits climbing up stairs which looks to be from the video.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

19/01/10 Missoula, MT setlist

This show marks the second time I Am Trying Very Hard To Be Here has been played live!

Girl’s Not Grey
The Leaving Song Pt. II
I Am Trying Very Hard to Be Here
Ever and A Day
Kill Caustic
End Transmission
Love is a Many Splendored Thing
Beautiful Thieves
Dancing Through Sunday
The Leaving Song
On the Arrow
Death of Seasons
Miss Murder
Too Shy to Scream
Love Like Winter
Silver and Cold

AFI To Play At T-Mobile Extreme Playground

AFI will play at T-Mobile’s Extreme Playground on April 25th, 2010 in Duisburg, Deutschland. Ticket information is available here (click here for an English translation.)

Tentacle Hoodie is selling a new hoodie “Tentacle (Black Zip Up)”. The hoodie features the same design as the Camille Rose bundles sold at the official AFI merch store:

Price starts at $34.50. To view details and prices go here.

Introducing the AFI News HQ Forum

The AFI News HQ Team is proud to present our NEW FORUM. We released a poll earlier today as well as opened the floodgates on Twitter asking if we should open a forum and an overwhelming amount responded with a “yes.”

You’ll find that our forum is much more relaxed than the Despair Faction in terms of rules and what can and cannot be discussed. Also, those of you who are not yet DF members now have a place for discussion with AFI fans that does not have to directly involve AFI! On top of that, we will be hosting AFI audio/video downloads available exclusively in the forum. (Go there now to see what treat we have already posted for new members!)

We have three skins available at the moment. They are the Default skin, Crash Love, and Sing the Sorrow. We will soon have a skin available for every album, so keep an eye on that. We also have an excellent team of moderators to keep the forum running smoothly. This is not a completely off-topic, no holds barred forum. Please read the guidelines and the “About This Forum” threads before posting.

Click here
to directly access the sign-up page. It takes seconds, it’s free and we greatly appreciate your help in forming the next great AFI community. Have fun meeting new AFI fans and discussing!

AFI interviewed live on 101.7 The Fox

Davey and Hunter were interviewed on 101.7 The Fox before their show at the Phoenix Theater last Friday.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Win Tickets To AFI @ Showbiz Sodo

Easy Street Online is giving away a guest list spot (with a +1) to the AFI show this Friday at the Showbox Sodo in Seattle.

To enter send an email to with the subject as “Crash Love.” The winner will be announced this upcoming Thursday morning.

Greetings from new writer, Ruth

After discussion, we have decided to let go of our non-active staff members and bring in some new additions to the team. The new writers have consistantly provided us news and with them as writers, we feel that they will provide news to the readers even faster than we do.
Our new writers are Ruth (Jabnews) and James (DJ of MadRockRadio). James is currently in California, but we except an introduction when he returns. You can find our updated staff lineup in the right sidebar. Here’s Ruth’s note to you all:

Pablo and the rest of the HQ staff has so graciously extended an invitation for me to join the HQ news team that I have greatly accepted. I’ve been an AFI fan for almost 10 years now so being apart of the news HQ I know will be a pleasure. I’m from Texas so when it comes to southern events I hope to deliver as much as possible along with any other worthy AFI information. I go by Jabnews.

Thanks again to the HQ staff for the invite!

Zu Boutique Shoes Will Be In Stores In February

Zu Boutique just posted this to their Twitter page:

You guys are so awesome! Way to blow the pre-sale shoes right off the shelves. There are some unlimited versions left: But don’t worry! This is just the pre-sale for one online vendor. When the shoes hit the stores in early Feb. there will be more available.

1/18/09 – Boise, ID Setlist (Key Lime Pie played!)

AFI is playing tonight in Boise, Idaho. Before the show they soundchecked Okay, I Feel Better Now and Key Lime Pie (!), according to OMB member skinner.

Update: Key Lime Pie was actually played through 3 or 4 times during the soundcheck. Perhaps they will play it tonight?
According to OMB member skinner, this is what they played (possibly incomplete and not in order)
Girl’s Not Grey
The Leaving Song, Pt. II
Veronica Sawyer Smokes
Key Lime Pie
Beautiful Thieves
Dancing Through Sunday
Kill Caustic
The Leaving Song
On the Arrow
Death of Seasons
Ever and a Day
End Transmission
Miss Murder
To Shy To Scream
Love Like Winter
Silver and Cold

New Merch Item At Shows: AFI Scarf

At the Petaluma show at the Phoenix Theater, a new merch item was available for purchase. The new merch item is a black and grey scarf with the Crash Love logo. Here is a picture courtesy of xJENiX:

We are assuming that the scarf will be available on all the upcoming tour dates. Update: We’ve been told by Marleybones that the scarf is not a new merch item, and that it was available at the Calgary show on December 19.

Setlist for AFI News HQ’s first live DVD!

The results are in! This will be the setlist for our first live DVD, as chosen by you. It will be up for download. When we release it (this weekend or early next week) instructions will be posted as well. You will download the files, burn them to a DVD and play them on your TV!

These are NOT lossy .wmv or .avi rips. These will be in DVD format, transferred from the original tapes to DVD!
Setlist: (Venue, City dd/mm/yyyy)

1. Strength Through Wounding (Sparks, Lousiville, 10/08/1999)
2. Sacrifice Theory (Las Vegas, Warped Tour, 23/06/2001)
3. The Days of The Phoenix (Club Laga, Pittsburgh 12/11/2000)
4. Malleus Maleficarum (Emo’s, Austin, 25/07/1999)
5. Ever and a Day (Red’s, Edmonton, 20/03/2001)
6. Beautiful Thieves (KROQ AAC, 12/12/2009)
7. Rabbits Are Roadkill on Rt. 37 (Centennial Hall, London ON 16/06/2006)
8. Wester (The Pallace, LA, ??/??/2001)
9. This Time Imperfect (VFest, Vancouver, 21/05/2007)
10. The Despair Factor (Astoria Theatre, London, 7/02/2003)
11. The Last Kiss (Kashmir, Quebec, 6/07/2001)
12. The Lost Souls (Reading Fest, 23/08/2003)
13. Midnight Sun (Phoenix Theatre, Petaluma 25/03/2000)
14. Totalimmortal (Filaforum, Milan, 27/01/2001)
15. Halloween (Showcase Theatre, Corona 28/08/1999)
16. At A Glance (RXCNDY, Seattle 26/06/1999)

…and maybe more? :)
Be excited, kids. This will be epic.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Live Video Edit: Veronica Sawyer Smokes

Thanks to our writer, Alex, we have another live video edit to dish out. This week’s is Veronica Sawyer Smokes at the Starland Ballroom in New Jersey. You can watch the video here. Let us know what you want to see next week in the comments.

Possible Blaqk Audio Release: Spring 2010

According to Radio 2.0, Blaqk Audio’s new album Bright Black Heaven will be released in Spring 2010. This is by no means a confirmed release date, but it is as least a timeframe (that may or may not be correct).

We’ll try to stay out of all of the rumors surrounding the release date because our main focus is AFI. I’m only posting this as a heads-up because it’s the first timeframe we’re hearing for the album. This is nothing but a rumor at the moment and there is no official information on the release date currently available.


In Weekend Discussion on January 18, 2010 at 1:54 am

Oh don’t cha love this kind of discussion? I know it’s Sunday but I keep forgetting to make this particular weekend discussion every week.

So I want to know if anyone here collects AFI stuff. I do collect them and my collection list is right here. My most valuable items are Behind The Times and both Nitro box sets.

Post in the comments about your AFI collections, your want list, and your recordnerd list if you have one!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

01/16/10 Reno, NV Setlist

Here is a review of last night’s show in the Reno Gazette, and here is the setlist. It’s pretty much identical to the one on Friday night in Petaluma, CA, but with two songs changed.

Girl’s Not Grey
The Leaving Song Pt. II
Too Shy To Scream
Kill Caustic
Triple Zero
Beautiful Thieves
Dancing Through Sunday
End Transmission
The Leaving Song
On The Arrow
Death Of Seasons
Miss Murder
The Interview
Love Like Winter
Silver And Cold

Crash Love On MP3 For $5

If you haven’t bought Crash Love yet, is selling it in MP3 format for $5 for a limited time. Head over to this page on Amazon to purchase yours now.

Silver on Black STS sold at merch tables

James Cross from Mad Rock Radio just told us that Adam found some good ‘ol silver on black Sing The Sorrows in his rehearsal space, and they’re being sold during live shows. These are kind of rare so you had better get your hands on them.

More info on Key Lime Pie Radio’s interview with AFI conducted by James: its tentative air date is January 25, 2010. We’ll have information on how to tune in closer to the air date.

Also, during the interview Adam told James that he visits AFI News HQ before he visits for AFI news!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Ryan Jay’s Phoenix Theater Photos

Ryan Jay Photography posted high quality pictures of the performance last night at the Phoenix Theatre. To view full gallery go HERE.

DF’er writes AFI article for local paper

Despair Faction member AliciaDubo submitted an article about AFI to a local paper called Generation W, and it was published. The article is a history of the band. You can see a scan here.

Friday, January 15, 2010

The Loved Ones + Scarlet Grey Opening in March

Alt rock bands The Loved Ones and Scarlet Grey will be the opening acts for AFI on the March tour dates in the southeast announced earlier this week.
Scarlet Grey will be touring for their new album “Black.” The lead singer of The Loved Ones, Dave Hause, opened solo for AFI at a couple of shows in late 2009.
3/12/2010: Nashville, TN @ Rocketown
3/13/2010: Charlotte, NC @ The Filmore
3/15/2010 Jacksonville, FL @ Plush
3/16/2010: Tampa, FL @ The Ritz
3/18/2010: Pensacola, FL @ The Seville
3/19/2010: New Orleans @ House of Blues

ZuBoutique Shoes Available For Pre-Order

Zu Boutique’s Macbeth Vegan shoes are now available for pre-order. They are designed by Davey Havok. The shoes available are:
All Rhinestone (Black): $119.99
All Rhinestone (Blue): $119.99
Semi Rhinestone (Black – Girls): $59.99
Semi Rhinestone (Black – Guys): $59.99
Semi Rhinestone (Blue – Girls): $59.99
Semi Rhinestone (Blue – Guys): $59.99

you buy the shoes, they should be delivered by February 8th, according to Macbeth. Interview with Davey

The Reno Gazette has posted an article about AFI that includes an interview with Davey. The piece is in anticipation of the show in Reno, NV on Saturday night. In the interview Davey discusses AFI’s evolution from hardcore band to melodic rock outfit.

You can read the story HERE.

Zu Boutique: Something Wicked This Way Comes

Danny, the guy who works with Davey on Zu Boutique, recently tweeted saying, “by the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes.” From this we can assume that the Macbeth shoes will be released soon!

AFI Returns to Phoenix Theater Tonight

Just over 16 years after their fateful reunion show, AFI returns to the Phoenix Theater in Petaluma, CA on Friday night at 8pm. This is one of the most significant venues in the band’s history. We’ll be providing full coverage of the show…

We’ll make a special edition of our regular setlist posts, adding photos and videos of the show as they come in. One of our writers, Alex, will be in attendance and will be writing a review upon his return. For those of you going to the show, enjoy!

Crash Love Necklace now on sale

AFI’s official store is now selling a Crash Love necklace for $34.95: Check out the lastest addition to AFI’s Crash Love collection. After many requests, you can now have you very own Crash Love necklace!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

In Transmission: Veronica Sawyer Smokes

Episode 5 of In Transmission, Buzznet’s weekly web series featuring interviews with AFI, has been posted. Here is Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3. Two of the three videos are of Hunter telling an epically story…
Jade discusses the musical influences behind the song and how the song is different from any other AFI song, and Davey talks about the uncharacteristically transparent lyrics and the song’s title.

This Week’s In Transmission Preview

Tonight, episode 5 of Buzznet’s weekly web series In Transmission will be posted. The episode is about Veronica Saywer Smokes and will be split into 3 videos. Hunter will be telling a hilarious 10-minute story that will take up two videos. When the videos are posted, we’ll have them all posted here with a summary. Enjoy!

For previous episodes of the series, see the links in the left sidebar.

New Show: AFI in Pensacola, FL

AFI will play a show at the Seville Quarter on Thursday March 18th, 2010. General Onsale begins on the 23rd at 10 AM. There has been no word on a Despair Faction Presale yet. We will update this post if more information arises.

Key Lime Pie Radio Interview with AFI

One of our regular readers, James, is a radio DJ for WDGR in Plainfield, VT. You can listen live on 91.1 FM in central Vermont. His show runs from 2-4pm on Monday afternoons. However, an entire hour of his show every week, called Key Lime Pie Radio, plays only AFI music. KLP radio has been granted a radio interview with Davey and Adam before they play at the Phoenix Theater on Friday.

The tentative airing date is January 25th. We’ll keep you posted!
Please submit your questions for AFI and James may ask them on the air! Make sure you send them to

DF Presales for March southeast tour

Theory, AFI’s webmaster, has posted links to DF ticket presales for the March tour dates in the southeast US, specifically Jacksonville, Charlotte, Nashville, and Tampa. The presales start tomorrow morning (Thursday) at 10:00 am. More details, including passwords and links, can be found here. (Despair Faction-only link)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Vote Davey Havok in Peta2 Libby Awards

Davey has been nominated in Peta2′s fourth annual Libby Awards, which “chooses the best in food, music, clothing, and much more,” in the category of Favorite Animal-Friendly Celeb. To vote for him, fill out this survey. He is an option in question #38.
Thanks to Faithless I’ll Adore You for the tip!

22/11/09 Austin videos on

Our reader Jabnews sent us an email letting us know that Roxwell posted a couple of videos of AFI performing live at Stubb’s in Austin, TX on November 22nd 2009. The Leaving Song Pt. II and Kill Caustic are shown. It also includes interviews with Davey and Adam.

You can watch the performance an songs here, or watch the videos with no interview here. Thanks to Jabnews!

Valentine’s Day Is Fake: 1 Year Anniversary

It was exactly 1 year ago that we started AFI News HQ as a simple blog to keep track of the “Crash Love” happenings beginning on Valentine’s Day 2009. To celebrate a successful first year, we’ve reverted the header to our “classic” theme constructed by my poor Photoshop skills back in the blog’s early days. Don’t worry, it’s just for today!

We started this site as a way for fans to stay updated about AFI happenings all in one place, and that mission still holds true today. For all of you commenting, submitting corrections, delivering news tips, and even just taking the time to stop by, we thank you.

Now let’s get down to business. Very, very soon (likely tonight or tomorrow) we’ll be posting a full AFI show from 2003 for free download, thanks to Pablo.

Also, many of you have been asking for an update on the progress of our We Are One project that we started late last year. So far, we’ve received photos, letters, videos, and artwork from well over 50 fans. And because we want as many of you to get in on the project as possible, the deadline has been extended to the first week in March!
This is your chance to tell the band your story through whatever medium you like. We will be hand-delivering the book and DVD to them at the Charlotte, NC show on March 13.

Our second year is looking promising. We’re planning several big projects for you all, including updates to the Complete Discography and The Maelstrom, the completion of the We Are One project, more auctions for Haiti Relief, a focus on Blaqk Audio news once AFI’s touring is over, and something else (top secret) that we think you will enjoy.

-The AFI News HQ Team

In Transmission: Too Shy To Scream

Episode 4 of Buzznet’s web series “In Transmission” has been posted HERE, and features interviews with the band about Too Shy To Scream.
Davey discusses how Too Shy To Scream was written, and its melodramatic and poppy sound. Jade talks about the “infectious” beat in the song and how it has been interpreted by other people. Adam talks about creating the drum track, and mentions a demo version.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

SOURCE: "Beautiful Thieves" Video Done Editing, Should Be Released In The Next Week And A Half

According to our source who claims to have connections to Interscope, the “Beautiful Thieves” video has successfully been edited. Our source also told us it will probably released in the next week and a half.

As per usual, since this not confirmed, we urge you take this with a grain of salt.

Jade may post Crash Love guitar tab soon

Jade recently updated his blog saying “I haven’t forgot about doing the guitar tab, I’ve just had an insane couple of months, so hopefully when we hit the road again in a week or so, I can knock it out.”
He is referring to an November 2009 post of his, which we reported on here, where he said he wanted to do a guitar tab for a song off of Crash Love. He invited people to suggest songs in the comments. “End Transmission” and “Torch Song” seemed to be two of the favorites.

Vote for @AFINewsHQ on #blogger

Alright guys, our apologies for the shameless self promotion but you are the only ones who can make us win! Twitter is holding its annual Shorty Awards and we have great chances of winning in one category.

Said category is #blogger. We are currently in 1st place but we need continuous support!

To vote, log in on your Twitter account and vote for us saying why you’re voting for us. Example: “I nominate @AFINewsHQ for a Shorty Award in #blogger because it keeps me updated with AFI”. You can log in on your good ‘ol tweet to reveal accounts and vote multiple times!

If you like our site, we’d really like you vote for us. We’ll provide special treats if we win! Just do what the Despair Faction or Adam Carson, the man himself did:

Monday, January 11, 2010

New North American Tour Dates

New North American have been posted on

The tour dates are:
3/12/2010: Nashville, TN @ Rocketown
3/13/2010: Charlotte, NC @ The Filmore
3/15/2010 Jacksonville, FL @ Plush
3/16/2010: Tampa, FL @ The Ritz
3/19/2010: New Orleans @ House of Blues

All tickets except for the New Orleans show will go on sale January 16th. The New Orleans show will go on sale on January 23rd.

Introducing AFI Ignite’s Biggest Update Ever (Complete Discography and The Maelstrom)

AFI Ignite is the name of AFI News HQ’s parent site, and it contains information about the band, a discography, lyrics, tabs, downloadable live videos/MP3s, and more. But it just got a whole lot better. We have been hard at work since the summer of 2009 to bring you what we are about to unveil…

AFI Ignite’s Complete AFI Discography
has officially launched. It contains detailed information and multiple pictures of over 300 AFI releases. It is much more complete than AFI Series’ discography (which went offline last summer), and has more photos at a higher quality with less invasive watermarks.

Our other huge new section is The Maelstrom, an encyclopedia of AFI information with over 30 distinct webpages on almost every topic. Topics include “Album-by-Album Recording and Production,” “Hidden Tracks and Pre-Gaps” and “List of Songs Never Played.” We aim for it to be a quick reference for all things AFI.

But the new features don’t end there. All of AFI’s lyrics are now online in a neat, organized fashion, as well as in the form of a downloadable document. We have also teamed up with tab masters Joe and Dan Shanks to build a collection of Guitar Pro Tabs for AFI songs. There are so many new updates to explore, so visit AFI Ignite now!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Get Despair Faction priveleges (if you’ve paid)

If you were among the unlucky fans who paid for your Despair Faction membership just before Cinderblock stopped sending out membership packages and therefore you have not yet become a member, here is how to get your priveleges.
Send an e-mail to or use the Contact page and include the following:

* Full name
* Address
* Order confirmation # from either your paper or electronic receipt
* Board username
* Email address with which you signed up

This will ONLY work if you have already paid but not received your package/DF membership. New sign-ups are not available at this time, and no announcement has been made as to when they will be available.
UPDATE: On the afternoon of January 11, Gavin posted “I have no date to share with you guys right now but it’s certainly not forgotten. Hang tight.”

Saturday, January 9, 2010

AFI playing Tampa, FL on March 16, 2010

AFI will be playing a show at The Ritz Ybor in Ybor City, FL on Tuesday, Mar 16, 2010 at 6:30 PM. Tickets go onsale to the public HERE on January 16. You can find the show listed on the venue’s official calendar here.

Ybor City is a neighborhood within Tampa, FL. At this time there is no information about a Despair Faction presale. It is very likely that more March shows in the Southeast US will be announced soon. Keep your eyes peeled, and please send us a news tip if you find anything.

Maximum Ink Magazine interview

Maximum Ink music magazine of Wisconsin interviews Jade Puget. The interview is regarding AFI’s past, Crash Love and Blaqk Audio:

MI: On that note, is the Blaqk Audio video for STIFF KITTENS ever going to see the light of day?

JP: It was never finished. We have all the footage that we shot but I keep forgetting that it exists. I think I need to get my hands on the footage and maybe make a short of it or something, release that footage. There was some cool stuff in there, we just never finished it and it fell apart. It would be cool to release some of the footage at least.

To read full interview go HERE.

Vote For AFI For The 2010 Shorty Awards

The 2010 Shorty Awards are upon us. Twitter’s second annual awards ceremony is currently hosting voting for multiple categories on who in the Twitterverse has best represented certain categories such as music, celebrities, and blogs.

If you have a Twitter, go to and vote for AFI in the music category. The top 5 in each category will be flown to New York City to attend the award ceremony. If you don’t have a Twitter, its quite easy to make one.

We successfully voted AFI into Alternative Press’ Readers Poll, so lets get our voting on once more.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Beautiful Thieves Music Video Release Info

The AFINewsHQ team has contacted a worker from Sammusicbiz about the upcoming music video “Beautiful Thieves”. We asked if they can give us some sort of release date and they responded saying:

“It’s coming soon. Look to for info in the coming weeks. Happy 2010″

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Scans from February Issue of Alt Press

AFI has posted scans of their appearances in the February issue of Alternative Press magazine to As we reported earlier, Crash Love was the 9th best album of the year, the Readers’ Chart listed AFI as the #1 band, and Jade won the honors of best guitarist of 2009. (Click each link to see a scan).

AFI On X96′s Top Songs Of The Decade

Salt Lake City’s radio station, X96, posted their top 96.3 songs of the decade. AFI appeared on the list twice. Miss Murder came in at #19, and Girl’s Not Grey at #59. You can view the entire list HERE.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Hot Topic Sweepstakes to meet AFI in Las Vegas

Hot Topic is holding a sweepstakes contest for a chance to meet and see AFI play in Las Vegas on January 31, 2010. You must be a Hot Topic member. Click HERE to enter and sign up to be a member here.

Be sure to read the fine print. Hot Topic will pay for a ticket to Las Vegas, but not for a return ticket. If you are under 21 years old, you need a legal guardian.

RUMOR: AFI coming to Mexico in May?

Stephanie, the administrator of our Mexican sister site, One Dark Flame MX, has posted a couple of times about the strong possibility of AFI coming to Mexico in May. She is in constant contact with Universal Music Mexico so although this is not official, it’s very likely to happen, considering AFI’s last scheduled show is in late April in Europe. In 2007, AFI went to Europe after they came to Mexico.

Trivia Tuesday: General Facts, Pt. 2

Here is yet more AFI trivia! This is a continuation of last week’s innovative theme “General Facts.” To see all of our previous trivia entries (featuring over 100 trivia facts) visit this page on AFI Ignite.

* Weathered Tome, Three Seconds Notice, The Checkered Demon, Kung-Fu Devil, Cult Status, Charles Atlas, Shatty Fatmas, and pH Low have never been played live to the best of our knowledge. For a complete list, click here.
* The Art of Drowning promo cassettes were given out to people who found an AFI postcard and sent it in. As a result it is very rare. The cassette also contains a promo of a Vandals song.
* Wester and Totalimmortal promo singles exist, and are quite rare.
* A German edition of Sing the Sorrow exists with a red Sing the Sorrow logo on the front and a silver ship icon on the back cover. All other editions have uniform-colored backs and fronts.
* In a Sydney, Australia show in 2003, Davey said, “now it’s time to play a pop song.” Half the band started to play Girl’s Not Grey and the other half started Don’t Make Me Ill.
* Davey sang guest vocals on The Transplants’ song “Quick Death.”
* Jade played on wine glasses to make the sound in the beginning of Okay, I Feel Better Now and he played guitar with a pencil on End Transmission.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

AFIles Contest Winner + Tour Photos

The winner of Buzzznet’s AFIles contest has been announced. Congrats to Chelsea Reppin! Also posted were 21 photos that AFI took from the road. You can see that gallery HERE.
Click here to read Chelsea’s entry and click here to read all of the entries.

More from Adam’s Interview with Press Democrat

On January 1 an interview with Adam was published in the Santa Rosa Press-Democrat. Now, more from that interview has been posted HERE online. This part of the interview focuses more on the state of the music business.

“It used to be OK for a band to go away for awhile. In fact, it used to be a good thing. When a band is played all over the radio, you don’t want to hear ‘em for awhile. Then when they have a new record, it makes it that much more powerful. But it seems like, these days, if you duck out for even one second, people are prepared to move on.”

Zu Boutique Sample Sale To Begin Wednesday

Zu Boutique, Davey’s clothing line, just sent out an email blast letting everyone know about the company’s 2010 endeavors. Among the many was the mention of a sale beginning on Wednesday.

The email said:

“I’m sure most of you are still aching from the yearly Winter Spend-A-Thon we’ve just (barely) survived so we’ve decided to hold a sort of sale. A very special sale in fact. Let me explain: to be prepared for certain mistakes (whether it be my inability to count, or the inherant flaws of the postal service (to which I’m sure many of you exclaim simultaneously that Ben does not have any flaws!)) we hold backa few of each shirt design to make sure we can always provide everyone with what they’ve ordered. These saftey-net shirts soon become take-up-room shirts and we decided a good way to clean the house would be to put them up for sale. So taht’s what we’re going to do. This is our take on a “sample sale.” Starting Wednesday, each day we will be putting up a handful of sold out shirts for sale under a new tab on our website titled “Sample Sale.” This will continue until all the shirts are sold. At this point, we will be putting up a brand new, unreleased tee for which there are about 50 available. Of course these will all be at a discounted price.”

In-Store Signing in Boise, ID

AFI will be doing an in-store signing of Crash Love at Record Exchange in Boise, Idaho before their January 18 show in Boise. The address is 1105 W. Idaho St. 83702 and the signing begins at 5:00 p.m. local time.

Top 20 KROQ Songs of 2009

KROQ named the Top 20 songs of 2009. In which Medicate came in at #10.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Faith No More Joins AFI/Gallows Gig In Melbourne

Faith No More will play alongside AFI and Gallows at the previously announced February 24th show at Festival Hall in Mebourne, Australia. Previously purchased AFI and Gallows tickets will still be accepted.
Update: our writer Deb, who is in Australia, has told us that “The Soundwave organisers have made a grave mistake and didn’t account for the thousands of FNM fans that missed out on tickets to their sideshow. So what do they do? Bump AFI from the headlining spot (the one that I and thousands others have paid $70 for) and give them a (I assume 45 min) support slot.”

Weekend Discussion: Vinyl or CD?

AFI has always released their material on CD format as well as vinyl. But, which is better? CDs can be easily ripped into MP3 format and carried around in your pocket, while a record player has almost no portability. However, vinyl is known to have better sound quality, while CDs are compressed in a limited number of digital bits.
So the real debate is: do you want better sound quality, or more portability? We all have our personal opinions, so it’ll be interesting to see what everyone thinks. A new poll will be up shortly so you can vote on your preference.

Alternative Press’ 2009 Reader Poll

AFI has gotten two mentions in Alternative Press’ annual Readers Poll. Crash Love was voted as the 9th best album of 2009. Jade was voted as the best guitarist of 2009.

Jade in the Studio for Blaqk Audio

In Jade, Side Projects on January 3, 2010 at 7:08 am

Jade tweeted that he was in the studio for Blaqk Audio tonight. “In the studio like I never left. BA.” You can see the tweet here. If more information becomes available we’ll post it here.
Hunter also posted a tweet on Saturday night saying “Working on news songs for a new year” which suggests that he is working on his one of his own side projects, possibly Hunter Revenge.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Interview with Adam in Santa Rosa Press-Democrat

In aniticipation of their upcoming show at the Phoenix Theater in Petaluma, CA on January 15, the Santa Rosa Press-Democrat ran a newspaper article about AFI. You can find a scan of the cover story here and the jump here.
The article contains an interview with Adam about the band’s history and roots.