Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Two New Crash Love reviews now online

The Dead Bolt reviewed Crash Love. Here’s a highlight of the review:

“As for the 12 tracks, although not quite to the dark diverse level of perfection of an album like Tool’s Aenima, Crash Love is cohesively tight. Leading off with “Torch Song,” a powerful alt-anthem with classic ’70s riffs in the vane of Blue Oyster Cult with deeper alternative shades of Tool and an epic chorus on the level of any number of big rock acts, AFI comes out swinging. But with the following “Beautiful Thieves,” a track that draws you into the heart of the band, and “End Transmission,” which recalls the ’80s with mid ’90s pop combined with dark, sinful but fun, hopeful lyrics, AFI turns up the tempo as they explore the fear of heartbreak, a search for love, and self-awareness within relationships in such faster arena type tracks as “Too Shy to Scream,” “Veronica Sawyer’s Smokes” and “Ok, I Feel Better Now.” Adding social apocalyptic commentary on “Sacrilege,” AFI flexes their dramatic muscles as they explore deeper layers with the slow, heart wrenching, powerful and emotionally rich mid-’90s, Seattle sounding ballad, “Darling I Want to Destroy You.” As a credit to the band and producers in terms of song selection for Crash Love and placement within the album, the single “Medicate” matches up with “Torch Song” after the faster garage tracks, with harder riffs, an epic power chorus, and more profound lyrics that bring to back to the start of the album of sorts.”

Also, David sent us an email about a review on Sputnik Music which you can read here. The whole review is pretty interesting in many ways, so it does’t have specific highlights.

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