Wednesday, September 23, 2009 Review of Crash Love has posted their review of Crash Love here. Here’s a highlight from the review:

“‘Crash Love,’ does play the band’s strongest points to date but goes back to blending into the modern rock n roll vibrations that they changed not so long ago, there are some “old school” influences found upon the album such as “Medicate,” that constantly builds up that classic punk style with galloping guitar riffs with fast racing drum tactics getting your blood pumped. Guitarist Jade Puget steps it up in a major way when “OK, I feel Better Now,” showcasing his standout performance to date, starting off with a trade marking chiming chord sequence, before working into the strummed octaves and some unexpected, game-changing chord effects found within the third verse.”

In other news, Davey appeared on Australian radio DJ Triple J’s show earlier today. According to OMB member k-grace,

“Davey said how timeless the records feels and how he’s never been prouder of an AFI record. Then they talked about Begin Transmission and how cool it was to get the winners and their friends in. Then they talked about Medicate and how Davey is a big fan of Jade’s guitar solo, and then they talked about Soundwave and how excited AFI is to be playing in Australia again. And then Triple J played Too Shy to Scream.”

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