Sunday, September 20, 2009

Crash Love Review in Rock Sound: Scans

Thanks to Sammy and Jamakae, we’ve gotten ahold of a high quality scan of Rock Sound Magazine’s review of Crash Love. Click here to see the scan.

“So where do AFI go when they have reached the top? Further upwards seems to be their answer as ‘Crash Love’ continues climbing skywards with ambitiously melodic tracks that are slower, less obvious and perhaps more compelling as a result. Highlights are scattered throughout the album but they don’t come forward immediately, the album demands your time, your attention and your lack of prejudice for it to shine. AFI are a great band, this is a good record and it doesn’t strand fans by wholly transcending their discography, but that strength is also the weakness of ‘Crash Love’. What keeps it familiar also holds it back from being an amzing slice of timeless rock music.”

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