Thursday, September 17, 2009

Jason Tate Posts Short Review of Crash Love

Jason Tate of, which posted an exlusive 30-second preview of “Sacrilege” today, has made a blog entry with his thoughts on Crash Love after giving it a first listen.

“The album sounds good, probably not as good as Decemberunderground (also think Finn’s electronic production was superior) – it doesn’t have the same atmospheric feel … Some of the lyrics are a little weird (“Anything, I’d tear out my eyes for you my dear”) – but some are great (I love “OK, I feel better now”). Pretty poppy … They’re great at layers and combining sounds to really fill out a song, I’ve always liked that.”

See the full entry here. If this review worries you, be sure to read this excellent comment from Keveronica, one of our readers. Thanks to Zoe for the tip!

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