Monday, September 28, 2009

AFI's Record release show broadcast + KROQ Contest: Frontline pass for AFI signing

KROQ will broadcast (part of?) AFI's record release show at The Roxy tomorrow, September 29th. We would appreciate it if anyone could rip it and send to both and if you wanna see your rip hosted in our server!

It's still unknown wat what time AFI's show will be aired, but we'll inform as soon as we can. You can listen live at

In other news, there's an AFI contest on KROQ for winning frontline passes for AFI's signing in Costa Mesa's Best Buy next wednesday. All you have to do is solve a "super hard quiz" (it actually is extremely easy) and pray to the lord for they to pick you. You can take the quiz here.

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  1. It has been confirmed it says so on their website on the bottom if You play the little clip of Kat Von D talkin it says AFI will be at the ROXY tonightOH and I'll Be SUre To Rip Their Interview And Send It