Thursday, September 10, 2009

Under The Gun Interviews Jade

Jade was recently interviewed by James of Under The Gun Reviews. He discussed a number of hot-button issues regarding Crash Love. To see the full interview, click here. We’ve added some notable quotes from the interview here:
On the Crash Love heart logo: “It wasn’t so much like an idea that we needed to convey, but more a desire to create an iconic symbol. I like that it’s a heart because people wouldn’t expect something like that from us. I like that it’s from left field and different.”

On whether gold makes the album look lighthearted: “Not necessarily. To me, the album convey doesn’t convey happiness or lightheartedness. I mean it is gold and the music is golden [laughs]. It is a heart though which I know will make people think its something a lot different as it’s not a “normal” thing for AFI to use, but don’t take the artwork to reflect the thematic elements of the music.”

On the upcoming US club tour: “We’re trying to keep everyone happy with the set list and the Gallows are opening, which is awesome. These are smaller city shows on the first run, so no pyro or anything. Just loud, fast, sweaty shows."

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