Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Interview With Raine

Thank you to everyone who asked a question. We picked 10 questions to ask Raine and here they are:

1. Where did you guys go that was the most fun? I know there was bowling and resturants involved. Which of the boys bowled the best game?

At the risk of sounding rehearsed, everything we did was a blast. Aside from the actual recording session on Saturday, bowling on Friday night was the only pre-organized activity. We were initially supposed to go mini-golfing on Saturday night after the studio, but that was done away with and they left us to hang out on our own.

The six of us and our respective guests spent Saturday night without the crew and went to Real Food Daily (a vegan restaurant in West Hollywood) followed by a tattoo parlor down the street, where Natacia and Christy got ‘BEGIN TRANSMISSION’ inked on their inner ankles. There was a photo of an AOD-era tattoo that caught us by surprise. I’m sure everyone else remembers the name of the place.

The band was not present at the bowling session aside from Adam dropping in towards the end. Of those who participated, Nils, in essence, made everyone his bitch. Smith started off strong but faded over time, as predicted by yours truly. He’s all talk.

2. I’d like to know what you thought when Davey called and said you won? And what was it like hanging out with Smith for a day?

Hahaha. I imagine the full summary of that moment is still typed out somewhere. I thought he was a relative because my mom had led me to believe my grandpa was calling. The man on the other end sounded far younger than any relative I knew. He told me his name was Davey but I guess I didn’t catch that in my drowsy state. He says something about the AFI contest, I recognize the voice, and simultaneously realize he JUST said his name was Davey.

I didn’t even know they were picking winners yet (I hadn’t checked the site in a couple days). I try not to fanboy and I try not to faint. This is one of the people I look up to most in the world, so I desperately try to maintain composure. I want to treat him like my friend, not some sort of god. It was overwhelming, in a very good way of course. After having spent nearly three years listening to this person’s music every day, watching hours of interviews and live concert footage from around the world, and more or less, idolizing him, to be engaged in conversation from my own living room with that exact voice?

Now, I’m sure a large fraction of the people reading this very interview were listening to AFI when I was still in elementary school, playing six sports, tYpInG lyK diS, and rocking Limp Bizkit. Being a fan for three years rather than thirteen didn’t make it any less surreal. I was talking to my hero.

Hanging out with Smith was exactly what one would expect. Look at the guy in those videos flipping off babies, harassing random girls, and never failing to cause a scene. Now imagine a typical Saturday in your life, only with that guy and a camera man roaming around with you and your friends. What you see is what you get. He’s the life of the party.

3. Is Hunter as awesome in real life as he is on the internet? Do you have any funny/interesting band member/BT/Smith stories that we have yet to hear?

Yes. Hunter’s blog/Twitter persona is just as evident in real life as it is from your computer monitor. As for the second question, there are a couple. Nothing too radical but still worth telling. They’ll appear in a blog soon. I really don’t know if my little Begin Transmission blog still works but I’ll find a way to get it out there.

4. Which AFI member was the most different than what you expected? And in what way?

I wouldn’t say any of them were different that what I expected, but to further elaborate, I definitely learned a lot about Adam. In interviews, you usually see him leave the talking to the rest of the guys, and he’s also the least active online. Not necessarily mysterious, as he does post blogs and speak in interviews occasionally, but people just don’t get as much insight into his life as the other three. In person, he’s very talkative and has a very charming personality. As a matter of fact, “charming” is an understatement, he has total game. At the bowling alley, he gave the waitress a big smile after ordering and though I don’t think he noticed, she couldn’t take her eyes off him from that point on. Hahaha.

5. Which AFI member had you laughing the most?

As I’m sure you’re all very much aware, Jade and Hunter each have unique styles of humor that are both subtle yet hilarious.

6. Which song made you more excited from what you remember?

I liked them both a lot. I love the massive sing-along chorus of IATVHTBH and the breakdown and solo in Medicate. They also both have nice, straight-forward main riffs.

7. Because you’re in IATVHTBH, do you think you”ll be overplaying that particular song, or will you feel awkward and not listen to it as much as other songs?

Awkward? Absolutely not. I got the opportunity to become a part of the long, illustrious history of my favorite band. I’m not going to let the fact that I’m the most god-awful singer ever conceived take that away from me. One would have to possess awfully low self-esteem to be ashamed of having sung with their heroes. I don’t know if I’ll overplay the song either, my favorite song from the album is simply going to be the one I like best. But it will definitely be a standout track for that distinct reason and one that I’ll always hold very close.

8. Was Medicate different, if you can recall? Like an earlier version or was it the same? If different, and you can remember it well, what was?

I’m almost certain it’s the same version. I think that’s why they played it for us in addition to IATVHTBH, because it was the only song that was finished, though I could be wrong.

9. Was there anything that you were asked NOT to talk about?

No, we were not censored throughout the adventure in any way, with the exception of the “don’t wear big famous logos or we have to cover it with grey tape to avoid lawsuits” hooplah.

10. What else can we expect out of BT?

To be honest, I’m really not sure at this point. There were a lot of plans back in February, and I’m clueless as to what is still in the works and what has been done away with. That’s really the best answer I can give right now. I will say that the ‘Begin Transmission’ era, if one could call it that, seemed to be merely a prelude to the Crash Love era. I’m really not certain if BT’s over, but I think for the time being, everyone’s main focus should be on the album right now. Especially considering that we’re now less than three weeks away.-I’d just like to say thanks to everyone whose sent me congrats ever since this insanity started. Getting to become acquainted with so many other fans from so many other places has been awesome. -Also, for all the dense bigots who have been talking shit on YouTube or anywhere else, much love to you folks as well. It was stressful at first, sometimes being brazenly insulted on a worldwide platform for my close friends and family to see. But it teaches a good lesson, that life ain’t always peaches and cream. Or something like that. And that really goes out to anyone who has spoken ill of any of the winners for whatever reason.

For a group of fans of a band, this specific band nonetheless, who’s always put such strong emphasis on banding together in order to conquer as well as emphasis on simply being yourself, to attack another dedicated fan whom you don’t know and has done nothing to render rational dislike is frankly, a blatant paradox. It angered me at first, not just for myself but for all six of us. Now, I just giggle and roll my eyes at the irony. This adventure was life-altering and no amount of bitter douches behind a keyboard can take it away from me or any of us.

Lastly, WE ARE LESS THAN THREE WEEKS AWAY FROM THIS FUCKING ALBUM. I, like many of you, cannot wait to begin this long-awaited chapter in the AFI story. I’m going to try to make it out to the soonest LA show (nothing’s for certain) so don’t hesitate to say what’s up! To anyone who has made it this far in my nonsensical rambling, thanks for giving a shit.

And thank you to Mary and Jason!

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