Saturday, September 5, 2009

Bombshell Magazine interview with Davey reveals new info

One of our writers, Deborah Konopnicki, got the chance to interview Davey when he was in Amsterdam for the magazine she works for, Bombshell Zine. Although all the questions regarding tours were Australian-related, we got many new facts regarding Crash Love’s release:

* Having Blaqk Audio’s CexCells out helped the electronics out of AFI’s records
* Davey’s favorite Crash Love songs are Veronica Sawyer Smokes, It Was Mine and Beautiful Thieves
* He’s eager to play Veronica Sawyer Smokes and It Was Mine live
* Davey does not imagine AFI playing Prelude 12/21 as show intros. He believes they would be playing Torch Song instead
* The EP will NOT come out. It didn’t come out when it was supposed to due to political issues . However, the songs from the EP will be available on different versions of Crash Love and b-sides
* The deluxe edition of Crash Love will have extra songs and “extra stuff”.
* According to Davey, “there’s this really cool thing that we’re doing with iTunes where there’s going to be a special edition on iTunes that has all of this personal and unique information from each of us, I believe it’s going to be called “Cocktail”.

You can read the full interview here. All credit to Deborah Konopnicki and Bombshell Zine.

Editor’s note: iTunes Cocktail, which Davey refers to in the interview, is a “new package [that] will include liner notes, artwork and potentially cell phone ringtones and music videos in a unified software package that the labels hope will boost sales of albums, instead of just single tracks.”

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