Thursday, October 1, 2009

RUMOUR: "Dark Morning Conspirators" is a Crash Love Song

According to DF member TheDarkAssailant, "Dark Morning Conspirators" is a title of an unreleased Crash Love B-side. Here is the alleged exchange between he and Davey at the Costa Mesa signing on September 30. We cannot confirm that Davey ever said this, so treat this as a rumor.

TDA: "So Davey, what IS Dark Morning Conspirators?"
Davey: "It's a song. But it's not on the album."
TDA: "Really? Will we ever get to hear it?"
Davey: "I don't know. Probably. I mean, all our stuff usually gets out, right?"
TDA: "That's pretty cool. Mind if I tell the Despair Faction?"
Davey: "Not at all. Go ahead."
TDA: "Thanks."
Davey: "Or if you want, you could just keep it to yourself. You know, not tell anyone. It could be our little secret."

In other news, there is yet another contest to win a signed copy of Crash Love, as well as a signed poster. Click here to enter. The contest is run by Static Multimedia.

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  1. I hope this puts that stupid "mystery" thing going on in the DF to rest.And if this is a rumor, which it certainly is, the title would be better as "RUMOR:" or something.