Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Trivia Tuesday: Very Proud of Ya

We're starting a new weekly feature called "Trivia Tuesday." Our goal is to give you some obscure information that you may or may not know about AFI, from the early days on Wingnut to 2009. If you have any trivia you'd like to submit, send us an e-mail with some form of proof that your fact is true.

This week's trivia regards Very Proud of Ya:
  • Very Proud Of Ya is the AFI album with the most songs, with a total of 20 songs on the regular release. (vinyl-only and No Dave Party are apart)
  • The cover for the album was designed by AFI's then-bassist, Geoff Kresge. Pablo asked Geoff about the cover and he said it matched the album theme song (Consult My Lover).
  • This is the first album where Jade Puget does backing vocals. He's credited as Jade "The Playah" Puget.
  • According to the Nitro Box Set, Adam came up with the name. They really regret naming the album Very Proud of Ya.
  • This album is AFI's album with the most re-recordings. Advances in Modern Technology, Theory of Revolution, Aspirin Free, Crop Tub, Two Of A Kind, Yürf Rendenmein, Cruise Control, Who Said You Could Touch Me, Rolling Balls and Love is A Many Splendored Thing were already featured in previous AFI's releases. This happened because they had little studio time and couldn't finish new songs.
  • Cruise Control and Love is a Many Splendored Thing were featured in a movie called Mary Jane Is Not A Virgin Anymore. Davey had small dialogs on it and they can be seen here.
  • This is AFI's first CD release on Nitro Records.
  • "No Dave Party" the pre-gap hidden track on Very Proud of Ya, was intended to feature vocal recordings from Adam, Mark, and Geoff. Due to time constraints, only instrumental tracks were recorded. Paul Marchand recorded "extra guitar" for the track.
  • He Who Laughs Last was AFI's first single.
  • File 13 means trash. In an office, when the boss asks the employee to put the document under file 13, it means he must put it in the trash. Hence the line "Feel like garbage can"
  • AFI would dedicate Advances In Modern Technology to Smith, Mike and Fritch during the Black Sails and The Art Of Drowning live shows.
  • 1995's Fly in The Ointment featured early versions of Crop Tub, Theory of Revolution and Cruise Control.
  • Crop Tub and Darling, I Want To Destroy You are the only AFI songs where Davey uses a vocoder. A vocoder is used to distort vocals.
  • This album takes its name from a chorus line on the album theme song, Consult My Lover, "I'm so proud of you, so proud of you, I'm proud, I'm very proud of you"
  • Two of a Kind and Yürf Rendenmein are different from the Answer That versions.
  • Yürf Rendenmein is a word-play, as it means "Your friend and mine"
  • Cruise Control was oftenly described as AFI's love song, during live shows.
  • This album was the third release that Love Is A Many Splendored Thing appeared on, and the first time it was properly recorded in a studio. The first release was on 1993's Eddie Picnic's All Wet 7" (live), and the second one was on This Is Berkeley, Not West Bay.
  • Who Said You Could Touch Me and Rolling Balls were previously released on 1993's Behind The Times 7"
  • Several guitar solos on the record were left unrecorded to allow for vocal recording
This article was created by Pablo and Jason with info taken from Key Lime Pie Records' MySpace.


  1. Nice. Wish it'd had vocals from them- that'd be fun to hear. :)

  2. I DON'T WANT TO FUCK YOU, SO FUCK YOU!Best love song ever?

  3. Answer That and Stay Fashionable was re released on Nitro from Wingnut. And the CD is different, in the fact that the Wingnut version includes their cover of "Man in a Suitcase" at the end of "High Schol Football Hero". The Nitro version did not sport this song, but cut off at the beginning. So, technically, Answer That and Stay Fashionable was AFI's first release on Nitro. Very Proud of Ya was their first ORIGINAL release on Nitro.

  4. Nope.Very Proud of Ya was released on 1996. Answer That was released on Nitro Records in 1997.There ya go!

  5. Is there a way a post this so it doesn't take up so much space on the home page? I mean its pretty long.

  6. "Crop Tub and Darling, I Want To Destroy You are the only AFI songs where Davey uses a vocoder."There is some distortion on Davey's voice in This Celluloid Dream as well. (Just like romantic verses / Just like a joyous hymn / Just like a memory it twists me)

  7. Yeah, but he's not using it throughout the whole song.

  8. "According to the Nitro Box Set, Adam came up with the name. They really regret naming the album Very Proud of Ya."Does anyone know why?

  9. I have two Nitro Boxsets. I'll write the exact quote later tonight.

  10. That's not what a vocoder does, a vocoder blends vocals with a synthesizer giving creating the "autotune" effect featured on almost everything on the radio today, more than likely its just distortion applied to the vocal track

  11. pardon the typos

  12. er, that's not quite accurate, either. Autotune "corrects" pitches to the nearest note in a given scale, whereas the vocoder function you're talking about changes the pitch of the vocals to whatever is being played on a keyboard or changes it by a given interval.and vocoders can do more than that, I believe. On the other hand, I remember reading something about how the vocal distortion on Darling, I Want To Destroy You was created, and it didn't involve a vocoder. Nor a true distortion effect, for that matter.

  13. ^what you said is what my understanding of a vocoder is, so you either misunderstood me or I wasn't clear. I didn't mean to imply that it was autotune, but it is one of the ways a lot of popular artists right now get that autotune effect

  14. Adam didn't come up with the title. He was the only one who hated it at the time.

  15. eh, I'm just making a picky distinction between two ways of getting the "Autotune effect". Doesn't matter much, ignore me.