Tuesday, October 13, 2009

MTV Posts More AFI Goodies

MTV has posted more of an interview with AFI. We posted the first part of the interview earlier this week. The writer mentions Davey's love for Pac-Man and working with Jacknife Lee:
"In addition to talking about their awesomely old-school fan club, they also discussed how nervous they were working with producer Jacknife Lee (the band is used to crafting albums bit by bit, and Lee prefers a more "live" sound) as well as the strange band comparisons they've heard over the years (Havok will never forget one of the first reviews ever written about his band, which compared them to the Ramones). "
The video of the interview will be posted soon according to the article. View the article here.


  1. Hahahahaha nice. "Clearly, Havok is a man of many talents, and wearing fake shiny earrings is only one."

  2. I like the fact he plays old-school games :D

  3. idgi, how can earrings be fake? as in they're not actually earrings?