Tuesday, October 20, 2009

TheDeadBolt.com Explores Crash Love with Jade

TheDeadBolt.com posted an interview with Jade where he talks about "Medicate", "Darling I Want To Destroy You", and the constant change in sound.

Regarding Medicate, Jade said:

"I think a lot of the lyrics, and especially that song in particular, has to do with people that set themselves up in these destructive relationships with other people, purposely set themselves up in these situations so that the things that they love can be taken away. That's to sort of paraphrase Davey throughout the lyrics. But I think a lot of the lyrics touch on themes of isolation because there are themes that run through other songs on the record about this kind of pop-culture crash that we're experiencing as far as culture crash, which is where the title comes from, where everything is sort of being degraded, whether it be art or literature or music. So, for Davey and all of us, we feel isolated from what's really going on in wider culture right now. I think a lot of people do."

View the full interview here.

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  1. Really good interview! My favorite question was if it is tough to contend with with people who feel they should sound like they did 10 years ago. My biggest beef with a lot of fans is that they automatically write off a new record because it doesn't sound like Black Sails or Shut Your Mouth. I think Jade answered it pretty damn well and it's nice to see him respond to such criticisms in a honest, mature way.