Sunday, October 18, 2009

AOL Posts "AFI's 15 Songs From The Van"

AOL Radio has posted a blog that brings us Davey's top 15 songs he remebers hearing while touring in the van.

The songs are:
15) Sunny Day Real Estate: 'Pillars'
14) Deadguy: 'Pins and Needles'
13) Weston: 'New Sjirt'
12) Cro-Mags: 'Malfunction'
11) Backstreet Boys: 'I Want It That Way'
10) The Replacements: 'Fuck School'
9) Cock Sparrer: 'England Belongs To Me'
8) Christina Aguilera: 'Genie In A Bottle'
7) Gheto Boys: 'Bald Headed Hoes'
6) Psychadelic Furs: 'Love My Way'
5) Exploited: 'Crashed Out'
4) Guns N' Roses: 'Rocket Queen'
3) Morrissey: 'Maladjusted'
2) Marilyn Manson: 'Lunckbox'
1) Lynard Skynard: 'Sweet Home Alabama'

View the full article here.


  1. I love the fact that Manson is number 2<3.

  2. yay manson, one of my favorites :P

  3. Haha. Backstreet Boys. Unfortunately, I remember when I used to listen to that song over and over again (2nd grade)

  4. Haha totally not what I expected.

  5. Lol Backstreet boys, good times. :Pand love the "Fuck School" title, was never a big fan of The Replacements.