Saturday, October 17, 2009

Rochester 16/10/2009 setlist

Torch Song
Girl's Not Grey
The Leaving song Pt II
Too Shy To Scream
Ever and a Day
Kill Caustic
End Transmission
Half Empty Bottle
Beautiful Thieves
Dancing Through Sunday
The Leaving Song
On the Arrow
Death of Seasons
Love Like Winter
The Interview
Miss Murder
Silver and Cold


  1. The Leaving SongOn the ArrowDeath of Seasons=[/instantdeath]

  2. these setlists are becoming kind of predictable

  3. Well duh, bands tend to stick to a constant format throughout a tour. We're lucky AFI switches several songs up every night, there's many bands who play the exact same set for the entire tour. I really like The Leaving Song/On the Arrow as a slow song combo. The former kind of sets the mood for the latter. As many have mentioned, the sets need more CL. I wouldn't mind a SYMAOYE song either, but I understand this is already a pretty long set. I really hope my show has either Cold Hands or It Was Mine.

  4. I'd take Third Season over The Leaving Song while trying to keep the slowish mood.

  5. Then again, there are also bands who play more than 20 or so unique songs for every tour.

  6. Drew, I think we should feel lucky we're getting these kind of setlists. The setlists for DU were EXTREMELY predictable aswell and it was just DU and STS songs. They were also shorter sets (16 songs) and it was rare if they didn't play a cover.