Tuesday, October 27, 2009

AFI Land Spots on Alternative Press' 100 Best Singles of the Past Decade

In the most recent issue of Alternative Press, which AFI graces the cover of, the band has gotten 3 singles on the magazine's 100 Best Singles of the Decade. Days of The Pheonix landed at number 80 with a statement saying:
"Considering how AFI have grown as songwriters in the past nine years, this track seems downright quaint with its Social-Distortion-at-the-goth-punk-club vibe. (And the "ohhh"s in the chorus remind us of Def Leppards "Photograph.") Regardless, this song is still crucial to their mythology, displaying a vision toward something bigger than punk's one-two-fuck-you convention."
Girl's Not Grey came in at 63 and Miss Murder landed the 30th spot. According to Altpress.com, "Silver and Cold" just missed the countdown coming in at number 106.

If you want to see who else made the list, be sure to pick up the magazine when it hits newsstands.

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