Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Davey Talks About Straight Edge Revenge

AlternativePress.com posted an article about Davey's rendition of Project X's "Straight Edge Revenge" that he performed with Ceremony. Davey said:
"Ceremony were on tour and I think their drummer couldn't join them on the road," Havok says, "and they had a drummer of Have Heart playing for them, who is a straight-edge kid. That made three out of the four members of the band for that evening be straight-edge kids. So they asked me if I wanted to sing that night, if they would play 'Straight Edge Revenge,' which would put four vegan straight-edge kids onstage -- which is the way it would have to be if you're going to sing that song. And it was really fun." He laughs. "It was a pleasure to join them."

"There's one thing that will unify people beyond any sort of artistic likes or dietary likes," Havok says. "And that is being straight edge. I'm straight edge; those kids that were singing along with me were straight edge. That's what that was about. It wasn't about Davey Havok, it wasn't about Ceremony: It was about four dudes playing militant straight edge, and 50 kids feeling it."
You can view the full article here.

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  1. Yeah, militant straightedge to say the least.The video was nuts though. Completely mobbed..