Friday, October 30, 2009

ZuBoutique Website Revamped, New Blog From Davey

The ZuBoutique website has been revamped with a black background.

Also, Davey posted a blog on the site wishing everyone a happy halloween and updating us on new goodies to come. He wrote:

It’s Fall, and with the ever changing colors of the leaves and our new website look comes the Great Zukins! Keep slicing those glowing orbs! I look forward to seeing what you all have carved and awarding some goodness in exchange for your skills.

Also with the season will come tee shirts featuring graveyards, bats, zombies and unrealistically romantic sex-fearing vampires…but not from us. We, on the other hand, will be releasing new limited shirts for the compassionate, evolved and lucid few who like to fly their flags with style. Wait til you see these pieces. They are just beyond. In addition to these iconic tees we will have for you an extremely limited batch of shirts honoring another great artist who has recently, sadly, left us all. All of this should be yours before turkicide shames the nation.

That’s the what the immediate ZU future holds right now but new jewelry is also in the works and the Zu shoes are looking fantastic as well. I’ve been wearing mine…it’s like walking on blue sunshine I tell ya.

happy pumpkin pie!



  1. I wonder who the artist is they are talking about? Michael Jackson? Les paul?

  2. Dunno.And turkicide. Haha, win.

  3. A little late there on the update.

  4. I know right they really are late i mean common halloween is today

  5. i think the artist they are talking about is john hughes. i can totally see some breakfast club inspired shirts or pretty in pink shirts or something.