Thursday, October 1, 2009

Crash Love Review at

There is a new review of Crash Love on, posted on the 29th. Here is a hightlight:
"The mystery and drama run deep as ever on Crash Love, but what barbs the hooks is that AFI have collectively committed to a vision, and by combining the hormone-surfing emo formula with their hyperkeen awareness of what makes an anthemic jam a massive fucking 25,000 person singalong, the band has meticulously built the framework to hit the strongest note of their career. This isn’t the classic masterpiece it was foretold to be, but it could very well be the predecessor."
Thanks for the tip Haley!!


  1. That's one of the worst reviews I've ever read.

  2. It is. But it's a review, and I thought it was kinda funny, so here it is.