Tuesday, November 3, 2009

TheVine.com Interviews Adam

TheVine.com posted a lengthy interview with Adam. Here some of the highlights, but you should read the whole interview:
  • About Too Shy To Scream: "That was a fun one. We have a couple of different mixes of that and some sound like fuckin’ Stomp or the Blue Man Group or something. I kinda had to leave the room when it was being mixed because I wanted to hear more and more of the drums."
  • "The first time you get in a rehearsal spot and create new music, it’s always inspiring. I think we’re just remembering how awesome it is to just play together, the four of us."
  • "There was one song which had these call-and-response shouts that just about anybody could do. I think the kids were surprised. After a handful of takes, when the novelty wore off, they were looking at each other thinking ‘How long do we have to do this?’"
Click here to read the full interview. Thanks to Soleil for the tip!

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