Monday, November 23, 2009

AFI at the Verizon Wireless Theater Review

Houston Press has posted a review of the performance of AFI at the Verizon Wireless Theater along with some HQ live shots:
Aftermath isn't one so much for biblical allegories generally, but damn if AFI's Davey Havok didn't remind us of Samson on Saturday night at Verizon Wireless Theater. He proved to us exactly what happens when you sacrifice your locks and your pores to the fashion gods.

View full review HERE and view complete gallery of the performance HERE


  1. That photo above is probably the best pic I've seen from this tour so far.

  2. That review was pretty funny. And nice pics, though I wish they wer bigger.. maybe I'm just missing something..?

  3. Hey everybody that has to be one of the biggest bullsh*t college paper style reviews I have read about the band ever. Insult after backhanded insult by a person who gets free tickets to a show, goes home later and hides behind a computer and tries to identify with music that he supposedly is familiar with. Basically he called them old, dated has-beens and lumped them in with shitty radio rock bands. Pathetic. Really pisses me off! I would encourage all who care to leave unflattering remarks about Mr. Gothtopia the Bald-fat cowboy redneck hipster!

  4. I left a nice nasty comment on their, it's loading or watever.But really.. that was the worst review I've ever read.. not just because they bashed AFI.. but because it really did sound like a 13 year old trying to use big words.

  5. Mike[xXdarockermikeXx]November 24, 2009 at 10:38 PM

    Well the pictures are AMAZING lol