Friday, November 27, 2009

Prices Drop for Crash Love Lithograph Bundles

Just in time for holiday shopping, the prices of four premium Crash Love bundles in the official AFI merch store have been lowered by $12 each. These include the "Deluxe CD Premium Men's Bundle," the "Deluxe CD Premium Women's Bundle," (prices lowered from $79.95 to $67.95) the "Deluxe Vinyl Premium Men's Bundle," and "Deluxe Vinyl Premium Women's Bundle" (prices lowered from $74.95 to $62.95).

The bundles each contain a CD/vinyl, a shirt, and a set of 12 hand-drawn lithographs from artist Camille Rose Garcia.


  1. Mike[xXdarockermikeXx]November 27, 2009 at 10:57 PM

    Hmm I think they lowered it because I don't think many people bought them the prices were really high. I THINK I MIGHT GET ONE FOR XMAS

  2. I wondered why I didn't see any scans of the lilos. Either way, they still don't look good enough for me to spend any more than 40 on them. Oh well.