Friday, November 13, 2009

ExploreMusic's Interview With Davey and Jade

ExploreMusic's Adam Morrison interviewed the band on Tuesday, and two 11-minute videos can be seen here. They discussed Crash Love, what the next single might be, why they think fans connect so strongly with their music, and more.
  • Dark Morning Conspirators is a complete song (previously Davey has said that the vocals were incomplete).
  • The View From Here is the only unreleased B-side from Decemberunderground.
  • There are more demos from Crash Love (Torch Song demo was just released)
  • They are "closing in on a decision" regarding what the next single from Crash Love will be.
  • Davey hinted that "Too Shy To Scream" and "Veronica Saywer Smokes" are being considered as singles.


  1. WOOT!!! Maybe we'll see DMC afterall!!!! I am a happy sponge!!!!!! XD

  2. So this means "Suicide Romantic" & "Chair Kicking" were either changed titles after all, or from the StS sessions, correct? Interesting.

  3. Is there still gonna be a Tin Box Crash Love Edition or no?

  4. Don't mean to sound like an asshole, but was the interviewer blind or something? I didn't see his eyes the entire interview.And when did Davey hint at TSTS or Veronica as singles?

  5. @blaqk It was when the interviewer named his choices for singles (TSTS and VSS) and Davey said something like "you're naming the ones that people [at Interscope] are considering."It's a stretch, but that was my interpretation.

  6. Thanks Jason.I'll look at that again.