Tuesday, November 10, 2009

10/11/2009 Detroit setlist

Torch Song
Girl's Not Grey
Kill Caustic
Too Shy to Scream
The Boy Who Destroyed The World
The Leaving Song Pt. II
End Transmission
Love is a Many Splendored Thing
Beautiful Thieves
Dancing Trough Sunday
The Leaving Song
On The Arrow
Okay, I Feel Better Now
Death of Seasons
Love Like Winter
The Interview
Miss Murder
Silver and Cold


  1. Boy Who Destroyed The World??Omg,i can`t believe my eyes...please if someone got a vid of it share it with us :-)

  2. Pablo, today is the 10th, how could this be tonight's setlist? Wasn't Detroit the 9th?

  3. I SOOOO WISH I COULD HAVE GONE TO THIS! Really, it wasn't even too far from where I live. I've got a lot going on though, and wasn't able to make it. I've never been to an AFI show. This makes me EXTREMELY sad, it's a great setlist with The Boy Who Destroyed the World. I would've died to be there... ugh. :(

  4. Thank you Adam, Davey, Hunter, and Jade for putting on one hell of a show for us in Detroit! Friends have told me for years that AFI are one of the best bands ever to see live, and you didn't disappoint! I'm sorry I couldn't stick around and meet any of you, but I guess there's always next time.P.S. If Brittany from Port Huron reading this, contact me! You were awesome!=Dean Carpenterakajohnnyx@yahoo.com