Monday, November 9, 2009

Review Of St. Louis Show

Consequence of Sound has posted a review of the St. Louis show.
It says:
The band’s vociferous fanbase, however, was not to be deterred, as they sang along with every word and bounced to many of the band’s songs (both new and old). Though older tracks “6 to 8″ and “Ny-Quil” had the crowd in its greatest frenzy, new songs off Crash Love, the band’s recently released LP, brought a good amount of dancing to the stage and crowd (despite being much weaker sounding tracks in the bands deep catalog). The four-piece’s songs have begun to sound less like dark dreary sorrow and more like the kind of love you’re not supposed to make music about.

Read the full article here.


  1. uh... "Drummer Adam Carson seemed almost pushed to the sidelines in exchange for computerized beats and pop break downs."Really. And here I was thinking that Crash Love involved more real instruments than previously. Are they sure they're not thinking of DU when they say this?Having seen them on the DU tour and the Crash Love tour, that was an unnecessarily harsh review. Their live show has actually improved since Decemberunderground.

  2. also... is there a picture of my chemical romance as part of the piece.. so concider the source and don't take his douchebaggery to heart. the writer obviously has no idea what he is talking about! :-)

  3. "the kind of love you’re not supposed to make music about"HaHaHa XD Did that sound dirty to anyone else?

  4. ^ lol not until you said that. :PAnyway, it was... interesting.They liked Gallows a lot.

  5. Sad that the writer had such harsh words about the show, but I suppose he can have his opinion :PIt was an amazing show in my book :)