Friday, November 6, 2009

AFI On Cover of Aquarian Weekly

AFI is on the cover of The Aquarian Weekly, a New Jersey-based alternative magazine. The story inside is an interview with Davey, which you can read online here. The cover headline is "Conspicuous Composition."

Additionally, Fly Magazine sat down with Davey for an interview in anticipation of AFI's November 12 show at the Electric Factory in Pennsylvania. He discusses Crash Love, his personal views on the world, and AFI's career progression. Click here to read the full interview.

Also, The Macomb Daily (Macomb County, MI) posted an article about AFI that features some new quotes. Click here to read it.


  1. God davey is a hero"Just do what you love, I’d say. Don’t try to write something that you think someone else will like. Write something that you like, and if they don’t like it, fuck ’em. That’s what it’s about."=] And I'm following exactly what he says!

  2. Intresting. Jade wrote most of veronica sawyer smokes.I LOVE THAT SONG LOL

  3. Hm. Very interesting.FM: You seem relatively upbeat and sociable. It’s funny, because I’ve always had this idea of you, like, always crying in the dark.DH: Most people do.FM: Do you care about that?DH: Oh, no. It doesn’t bother me...<3 lolAnd as for the quote you pulled, Skyban, <3 too. I wish I could to that. It doesn't work out so well, I'm afraid.. lol

  4. That's for letting us know!!! It's super-cool that they're in SO many publications!!!!! :-O It's hard to follow, though...So, thanks for keeping us up on the details!!! :-)I'm trying to get my hands on copies of those magazines...It seems kinda of difficult, though (especially, the one)...:-S At least I know that the December AP is out, now, though...And, I'm working on obtaining the others. lol :-P*Gasp!* :-O to the nakedness, mentioned in the one article, though. :-O :-S lol (Wonder what that maid was thinking...lmao)Thanks for the info!!! :-)~*Kristin*