Monday, November 2, 2009

Blaqk Audio and Hunter Revenge News

I was reading through my December issue of Alternative Press and there is a side article about AFI side projects. There was some new information about Hunter and Hunter Revenge. Also some Blaqk Audio news that I was not aware of. (In case you missed it: the next Blaqk Audio album will be called Bright Black Heaven)

Highlights about Hunter:
-Hunter has written and recorded a song called "About Babies" for the Nickelodeon kids TV show 'Yo Gabba Gabba'

-Hunter is currently writing a book. The topics were not revealed but Hunter says it is part Fiction part Non-Fiction
Highlights about Blaqk Audio:
-They will wait till after Crash Love touring to release the next Blaqk Audio album

-They have recorded 18 new Blaqk Audio songs, but there will be 12 songs on the actual album

-There will be lots of experimenting with different electronic genres that Cexcells did not touch on ( i.e. IDM and Drum 'n' Bass


  1. Thanks for this. Why do they like using 12 for albums so much? Regardless, 6 possible b-sides sounds wonderful to me. The musical progression has me very interested.

  2. THE BLAQK AUDIO NEWS IS AMAZING I HOPE THEY RELEASE IT AS A iTunes LP!! oh and this has nothing to do with this but I was listening to Crash Love and my headphones have this button that if u press it, u can here the backvocals only and itz amazing. IN "IT WAS MINE" AND "TOO SHY TO SCREAM" are girl backvocals itz koOL

  3. 12 songs is the perfect amount for a record, imo. This is awesome stuff. Yo! Gabba Gabba was created by the singer of The Aquabats, wasn't it?

  4. Angelsineveryone(Brandon)November 2, 2009 at 11:32 PM

    Yeah, Christian Jacobs "MC Bat Commander" :)

  5. hahaha! is it weird that i wanna watch yo gabba gabba just to see this song? i always knew one of them would write a book....i love that it's hunter! also....very excited for new BA!

  6. Mark: I think so, I remember reading an article about the creator of both being Mormon.I want to hear/read Hunters new stuff!

  7. Mike- can you record that? That'd be amazing to hear.Leslie- that was my first thought too.... but I think I'll just youtube it. That show is scary....Can't wait for either new BA or new HR!!!!! <3 Thanks!!

  8. Does anybody know what's happening with Hunter and Sara Quin's project?

  9. getting away from dance music is good news. if they're inspired by Aphex Twin and Crystal Castles like they say they are, I guess they want to move in that direction. Good to hear.