Monday, November 2, 2009

Another CA Show: Not So Silent Night in Oakland

AFI will be playing at the Oracle Arena on Friday, December 11th, in Oakland CA for Live 105's "Not So Silent Night 2009." AFI will be playing with Muse, Vampire Weekend, Thirty Seconds to Mars, and Metric.

Not So Silent Night Presale
* Thursday, 11/5 at 10am - Friday 11/6 at 5pm.
Click here to be a LIVE 105 Activist and get your NSSN presale link and password!

General Public Tickets
* NSSN tickets go on sale to the general public on Saturday, 11/7 at 10am. Click here to buy tickets or head to a Ticketmaster outlet near you!


  1. Yay!!!!! Another show I might be able to go to!! *dies*

  2. Kera, you are so bloody fucking lucky. AFI, Muse and Metric? HOW COULD THIS POSSIBLY GET BETTER?! (Well, I guess 30 Seconds to Mars could not be there, but you get my point.)

  3. I'll be lucky if I can go.And I'd take 30stm over Metric. :pBut I dunno if I want to ask for this one or the one in Petaluma.... I think I'll only be able to go to one.. :( Decisions, decisions...

  4. What??? AFI and 30Seconds to mars??? Also Muse??? Wow GREAT!!