Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Four New Northwestern Tour Dates Announced

PunkNews.com posted a list of 21 new AFI tour dates in this story. Of the dates, four of them apppear to be tour dates we did not already know. They are:

AFI @ Knitting Factory
Reno, NV

AFI @ Big Easy Concert House
Boise, ID

AFI @ Wilma Theater
Missoula, MT

AFI @ Big Easy Concert House
Spokane, WA

Thanks to Mike for the tip!


  1. Northeast? I don't think so. You got me excited there, seeing "northeast" and then "Knitting Factory" below that.

  2. Ah, sorry about that. Geographic fail. It's been fixed.

  3. jason check your email (:

  4. Drew, When you send an email to Jason, can you CC it to me and Pablo? it makes it way easier for all of us to know updates/suggestions/ECG. Plus, me or Pablo may get to the news tip via email before someone else. Thanks!

  5. I think I was the one that submitted that news to Punknews. Those dates have been on the Interscope website since yesterday when the others were announced. Guess I should have sent you guys a notice, too, haha. I figured you already knew, I guess.

  6. FYI, the "BIg Easy" is now the Knitting Factory for all of those cities.I will for sure be going to the Boise one! But, I sadly have to wait until Saturday to buy my tickets, since I'm not DF :(