Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Trivia Tuesday: Miss Murder Music Video

Here is another installment of Trivia Tuesday!

1. Mark Webb directed the video
2. The video was shot at City Hall in Los Angeles
3. The video was shot in 2, 14 hour days
4. In the directors cut of the video, Prelude 12/21 begins the video
5. MTV shot "Making the Video" for the song as well as "Love Like Winter"
6. The centerpiece on the floor in city hall was covered with a plastic mat showing the Decemberunderground trees.
7. Multiple takes had to occur for the bunnies to stay in Davey's hands rather than scurrying away


  1. i have got to get the number to daveys manicurist. love that color

  2. This is my favorite AFI video, and Miss Murder is my favorite AFI song :)

  3. I'm pretty sure MTV didn't film the making of the video. I saw the making of on Fuse and pretty much every other music channel as well, and MTV wouldn't allow their shows to be seen on rival channels. It was probably filmed by the label or management or something for the album promotion. Plus it didn't look like any of MTV's other making of specials.

  4. I wonder what Davey and the guys said about the bunnies that were misbehaving. Lol
    love this video

  5. Those were some pretty public knowledge "facts". That felt more like a synopsis.