Tuesday, July 20, 2010

RUMOR: Private Blaqk Audio Gig at Roxy in January

As the Crash Love era winds down, and as the Bright Black Heaven album cycle gets underway, we are going to shift our focus as well. We will continue to bring you coverage of all things AFI, and now we will also be doing the same with Blaqk Audio. We have added a link at the top of the page to our Blaqk Audio News Channel, which will show posts only about Blaqk Audio.

We've found a tweet that we urge you to take with a pound of salt, but is interesting nonetheless. It reads: "@I_Ruin_Dreams My manager at work is good friends with the owner of the roxy in Hollywood and says that Blaqk Audio will be doing a private gig in January!" AFI performed at The Roxy for the Crash Love record release show, and it was a private gig as well, so this is entirely plausible. The tweet has been sent to management for confirmation, so we'll know soon enough.

In other Blaqk Audio news, the duo's MySpace page is primed for an update. Jade is reportedly delegating work to the design team.


  1. Too bad it's private, but at least if this is true we get to hear the album soon! And any idea of which Roxy theater? I know of a few.

  2. http://theroxyonsunset.com/

  3. OMG i cant believe its almost time for Blaqk Audio!!!! <3 <3 <3