Thursday, July 22, 2010

DOWNLOAD: Death of Seasons Instrumental

Over the next week we will be posting several instrumental and vocals-only tracks, as we have done in the past. Today's instrumental is DIY - it wasn't recorded off a video game, but it is very well done nonetheless. Many thanks to Tomas for supplying this track as well as the other two!

Death Of Seasons (Right click and select "Save Target As")

July 22 - "Death of Seasons" Instrumental
July 27 - "Medicate" Instrumental
July 31 - "The Missing Frame" Vocals


  1. It was made possible because of the 5.1 mix but there was still a fair bit I had to do digitally.

  2. love this! thanks a bunch guys!

  3. Thanks but....What the hell? How is this instrumental when It sounds like a robot is singing and where are the guitar?

  4. The vocals that appear are the backing vocals. They're magnified when you remove the lead vocals.

  5. sounds like autotune voices it was so funny when I heard it for the first time

  6. I've always wondered why there was credit on the album for a vocoder; Now I know! Man. I really like the backing vocals haha

  7. thanx a lot!
    interesting thing.

    waiting for the Medicate, but.. if i'm not mistaken you already gave us instrumental for The Missing Frame, isn't it?

  8. wow! What about the other 5.1s?
    reivers music?

  9. Nice try.. but yuck.. I prefer the video game ones... I know this wasn't in a video game.. but wow this wasn't good... :| (was planning on karaoke this :()

  10. Yeah, it's nearly impossible to remove vocals if you don't already posses an instrumental track (and we can only get those from the video games). Removing vocals (I'm guessing this was done in Audacity) increases the bass in the process, and sometimes completely drowns out guitar.

  11. I'm guessing this wasn't done purely by EQing.

    You may have noticed that when you slightly remove your headphones from a jack, you get rid of some audio content, often being left with guitar and backing vocals. This is because of the stereo shaping of modern music.

    Bass, lead voice and drums (not cymbals) will often be completely centered, and backing vocals and guitar (often double tracked) will be different across the stereo spectrum.

    In 5.1, It's similar, so along with EQing, You will have been able to seperate elements from what is effectively 6 different songs.

  12. @Sky
    Try to do it yourself then.

    @Go Away White
    I tried all the other 5.1s but if some people think this one wasn't good than the others would really make them cringe. This is the only song that worked because the centre channel included no vocals other than the backing vocals and the screaming at the end of the song.
    I didn't EQ at all. The vocal spectrum is just too large to try to remove it by EQing because many other things would be removed in the process. I did make use of stereo separation and it removed the vocals fairly well on its own but it took away from the guitar as well. I could have tried to manually remove vocals using hours of FFT manipulation but I don't think it would have produced a good end result. Using that process though, I have created a perfect vocal-only version of the first verse of Prelude 12/21. You seem to know a good base of audio knowledge so maybe you should try to fool around with it too.

    I used Audition because after years of trying different software for precisely manipulating audio I have found it to be the best of the most popular ones (Audacity and Soundbooth included in that list). I'm not sure what you mean by increasing the bass because most DIYers usually end up with a bassless result since bass is almost entirely centred.

  13. Maybe the song shouldn't have been touched till it got into a video game is what I mean.. because I've tried doing them using vocal removers and they all sound like shit.

    *this is sky.. just signed on a different name*

  14. Lol vocal removers are fail, they use a generic process that can't be applied to just any song. You need to do things manually but that unfortunately takes a lot of work.
    I doubt this song would get into guitar hero or rock band, but you never know. Rock band songs can't even be separated anymore though, that's why I'm happy that Dancing Through Sunday will be on Guitar Hero.
    Anyways, the Medicate instrumental is much better. The only parts that it's missing are the synths in the bridge, the choir in the bridge and the tamborine in some sections.

  15. i know this is unrealted but i know afi released the lyrics to breathe play can one read them or not