Friday, July 9, 2010

Blaqk Audio: Bright Black Heaven 30 song titles revealed! (Repost)

This is a repost from July 1st where we announced, before anybody else, the 30 titles that have been licensed so far. The post was made by Pablo and after receiving e-mails, Mary deleted it, but by orders from Jason, it has been posted again. Unlike other websites that misinformed AFI/Blaqk Audio's fanbase, these song titles were NOT leaked, as they are viewable for everyone on both Jade Puget and Davey Havok's licensed songs by BMI. We are only redirecting you to a public source of information. C&D e-mails should be sent to

Jason's note: I'm not trying to spite Interscope/Management by having this re-posted. It just didn't make sense to retract our post given that the information was already out there and had been re-posted to other websites and everybody has now seen these titles.

It's not confirmed how many songs will be released. These are their legal titles and they're not final, as they're the legal titles only ("Affliction" was shortened from "Affliction and Then I'll Be Home")

01.- Afterdark
02.- Big Summer
03.- Bite Your Tongue
04.- Bliss
05.- Blue Movie Stars
06.- Bon Voyeurs
07.- Cages Carry
08.- CC In Shards
09.- Cold War
10.- Deconstructing Gods
11.- Down Here
12.- Everyone’s Friends
13.- Fade To White
14.- Faith Healer
15.- Ill Lit Ships
16.- Let’s Be Honest
17.- London Girls in Los Angeles
18.- Maestro Now
19.- Mouth to Mouth
20.- Professionals
21.- Rough Trade
22.- Say Red
23.- Switch
24.- Terminal
25.- This Is
26.- Ultradeepfield
27.- War Noir
28.- With Your Arms Around You
29.- Witness
30.- Young Bluebloods


  1. i doubt BBH will include all 30 tracks :(... i wonder if davey will change his crash love "look" for blaqk audio

  2. Who's misinformed?

    And Pablo, you are just trying to fuel the fire. Mary only deleted it because she was asked to.

    "wanted to talk about you guys posting the 30 Blaqk Audio song titles on your site We LOVE that you guys are fans of everything AFI and BA and all the support and passion you bring. We hope that because of your passion for AFI and BA that you can understand that we (the band and us) do things on our sites and with our affiliate sites for a reason. Announce album release dates, song titles, tours, pictures, videos, everything is thought out by us and the band before we post or have our affiliate sites post. By posting the BA songs, Pablo is actually hurting the band because there is no context around it. Any plans we and the band had for releasing those song titles are now gone. Please let us know about things like this in the future so we can work together and plan accordingly (and yes, we are totally open to ideas from your side)"

  3. First of all, you are NO ONE to criticize in any way whatever we decide to do here, Drew. I'm sorry your petty unsuccessful campaign to kick me out from this site didn't work. You may have brainwashed some people, but you brainwashed the wrong ones.

    It's also interesting how Mary has forwarded to you (and pressumably other people) personal emails and correspondence we get in the AFI News HQ official email from the label. Will have to talk to Jason about that. I also failed to see when we were asked to delete the post. Mary made the decision herself when no one asked her to delete it. If there was a damage - which there wasn't - it is already done. Even if we were asked by the label to remove the post, well, you still have the post up in your website. So you're "hurting" the band as well. Don't try to make me look like the bad guy.

    Just so you know, I did nothing wrong on posting the song titles, as I've said, they were viewable for everyone. If they wanted to keep them a secret, they should have done like they did with the Crash Love song titles. You still have them up in your blog, so don't try and put that email and make me look like the villian when all you did was come here, and steal my post (you said you found it yourself. Yeah, right, after 10 min I posted it and coincidentally you also missed the song I missed too).

    I'm sorry, Drew. No matter how you bad mouth me, no matter how you brainwash some people and try to play the victim, GET OVER IT. You will never be a part of this site and your hideous cheap MS Paint headers won't be used. Also all the links directing to your website will be deleted because it's disrespectful that you post them here, when we have also said we cover Blaqk Audio news, and all you do is copy-paste our articles.