Tuesday, December 22, 2009

"In Transmission" Bonus Footage on Christmas Eve

This Thursday, part 3 of Buzznet's In Transmission web series will be posted. Since it will be posted on Christmas Eve, the episode will contain some bonus interview footage unrelated to a specific song. (For links to the previous episodes, see the left sidebar under "In Transmission.")

According to Mark, the interviewer, the footage will be "commentary on the state the band was in entering the studio, the reason they ditched Dave Bottrill, and Adam's/Davey's favorite moments on the record from their other bandmates."

Here is this week's teaser quote:
"I remember in that time, I decided to record a Christmas EP with my friend Dan Kelly. Actually, not technically Christmas, it was a holiday EP. So for two weeks-- literally the two weeks before AFI started pre-production, I was in super Christmas mode. I mean, like...I missed Halloween! Completely immersed in a world of snowing, family, and friends, and joy and whatever and then suddenly....we're in production. So my mood was...interesting, I guess." - Hunter


  1. I thought it was interesting that they first were working with David Bottril. He was the man that produced Tool's Aenima, which is great album. I wonder how much different Crash Love would have came out had they stuck with him? I bet the sound would have been darker.

  2. Mike[xXdarockermikeXx]December 22, 2009 at 5:34 PM

    Matty,please do not advertise your blog on here.

  3. Haha hunter FTW!!Poor him, missing the goodness that is Halloween!!!!

  4. I really hope they talk about Too Shy To Scream, and not only of the "bonus" stuff because it looks boring as.