Thursday, December 10, 2009

In Transmission: Torch Song and Beautiful Thieves

Torch Song: Part 1 Part 2 (Part 2 includes Beautiful Thieves)

Topics: Davey discusses the lyrics of song, and how it relates to other songs on the record (namely, Cold Hands and Darling, I Want To Destroy You.) Adam discussed the process of determining the tracklist, and how the style of drumming blends with the guitar and bass. Jade talks about the lack of an intro song, as well as the "crazy" lead guitar at the beginning. Hunter discusses how he plays the song live.
Beautiful Thieves: Here

Topics: Davey talks about how he came up with the vocal melody, and the difference in vocal range between Beautiful Thieves and past material. Jade compares Beautiful Thieves songwriting process with Silver and Cold and This Time Imperfect.


  1. I completely disagree with Davey's comment about LLW. His higher pitched voice sounds sooo much better, he practically is monotone in BT and Medicate, I don't know why he calls it powerful.

  2. Because, as he put it, his voice is it's strongest in that range. And of course, he was only stating how he felt which is opinion, and the fact that a lower range seems to be a more comfortable and natural place for him to sing. I fell in love with earlier AFI, and I will always adore Davey's higher songs and all that, but his voice sounds much fuller in a little lower range. The vocal only tracks we have been getting, I think, showcase that Davey's voice sounds a lot less forced and a lot more natural when he is in a lower key. On topic: These are awesome! A ton of thanks for Buzznet, Mark, and everyone involved in getting these made. This is the kind of thing that I, as someone who does write music, really relish... :)

  3. Not to sound bratty, but is the video available anywhere else? The internet this part of the world isn't that great :)

  4. I personally love the vibrato Davey can experiment with in that range...