Saturday, December 5, 2009

12/04/2009 Grand Prairie Setlist

Torch Song
Girl's Not Grey
The Leaving Song Pt. II
Too Shy To Scream
Kill Caustic
End Transmission
Love Is A Many Splendored Thing
The Missing Frame
The Days Of The Phoenix
Beautiful Thieves
Dancing Through Sunday
Miss Murder
Silver And Cold

Note: This setlist is shorter because it was at a festival.


  1. I was SO happy when the played Love is A Many Splendored Thing. So SO happy and so shocked.

  2. What ? Just 14 songs? The setlists are getting smaller. I hope someday they play someday Too Late For Gods.

  3. It wasn't there show, it was a festival so their set is going to be shorter than usual

  4. Oh, sorry, i didnt know that.Thank you Danny

  5. Ouch TMF over LLW as the 3rd DU song after MM and KC...Probably the only bad choice in the set. Gives me a good set to look forward to in Oakland...just hoping for that minor change. Or drop KC and put Interview in...

  6. Or better yet, insert an "&" symbol in between "K" and "C." :)

  7. No kidding. I'd die. Right then and there. After having an orgasm.