Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 Year-In-Review, 2010 Preview

There is a great deal to look forward to in the AFI world in 2010. The Beautiful Thieves video will be released at some point, AFI's US and International tour will continue with Australia and the UK, and we may soon hear "The View From Here."

Here are several significant posts from 2009 that deserve an encore. These 30 posts are only 4% of the 720 news posts we have made this year:

March 1 - New Album Title is Officially "Crash Love"
April 6 - First "Crash Love" Song Title Revealed
May 11 - Possible Crash Love Release Date 9/29
June 21 - AFI @ Edgefest 09: Setlist, Pics, Video
June 30 - Crash Love Release Date Officially Announced 9/29
July 15 - Crash Love Press Release Reveals New Titles
July 25 - First US Tour Date Announced: Cincinnati, OH
July 27 - Gallows is Supporting Band for US Tour
July 30 - Crash Love Cover Artwork Revealed
July 31 - Tweet To Reveal, Part 1 (Part 2 here)
August 12 - 12th Crash Love title announced, first preview
August 20 - It's Official: We Have the Tracklist Confirmed
August 25 - "100 Words," "Fainting Spells" Added to iTunes Edition
August 27 - Deluxe Edition of CL is Double CD (Tracklisting)
September 6 - Bombshell Magazine interview with Davey
September 8 - Medicate 2x7" for pre-order online
September 9 - Crash Love-themed Launches
September 10 - "Fainting Spells" up for Free Download
September 10 - 10th Circle goes exclusive, new board theme
September 11 - Bonus Tracks announced for Japanese Crash Love
September 13 - Our Preview of Torch Song, Beautiful Thieves
September 14 - Our Preview of End Transmission, Darling...Destroy You
September 15 - Exclusive: Crash Love track lengths
September 18 - Crash Love on MySpace September 22
September 24 - Crash Love B-side Lyrics: We Have Them
September 28 - Crash Love Available on iTunes, Guide to iTunes LP
September 29 - Crash Love is Real
October 3 - "Medicate" Video Released on Yahoo! Music
October 29 - Blaqk Audio's new album to be "Bright Black Heaven"
November 13 - Beautiful Thieves to be next Crash Love single
December 9 - AFI News HQ's Exclusive Interview with AFI


  1. Wow, September had a lot. lolAlmost a year in operation, and a LOT of changes, even I remember a lot of them. :) Congrats guys.720... wow.

  2. Congrats on all the success of your blog!I remember reading it since you first advertised it on that "mystery" thread2010 is looking great so farI can't wait for the signing & the show next month

  3. COngratulations on an excellent first year. I too remember first visiting during the crash love "mystery". And man, the site has grown.I wish you guys all the best in 2010, and I will continue to check the site 112 times a day :P

  4. Great job on an excellent year!Keep up the good work :)

  5. Good year in AFI! :)Unfortunately, that's about all that was good.

  6. Jason-Thanks for starting this blog. If it werent for you I wouldve never had some of the amazing experiences I've gotten this past year. <3To Mike, Alex, & Pablo,I love you guys! Working with you guys everyday is a blast. You guys are like my brothers that I never had. <3To the readers:I look forward to the new adventures this blog awaits in 2010. New projects, features, and goodies are coming your guys' way!

  7. what proof is there that we might hear 'The View From Here' anytime soon?

  8. Davey said he wanted to play it live, and AFI usually doesn't play something live until it's been released. (There are exceptions though, I know)And if that super tin box edition of Crash Love comes out, I'm betting anything that TVFH will be on it.

  9. I hope, so badly, that it does. I'd love to hear TVFH, as well as DMC if we ever get that.