Saturday, July 25, 2009

X96 Radio DJ "Can’t Wait" To Play Medicate

Corey O’Brien, a DJ at X96 Alternative radio station in Utah, posted the following Facebook update on Thursday afternoon. “Heard the new AFI song ‘Medicate.’ It is awesome. Can’t wait to play it for you.”
If radio DJs have already heard Medicate, it is sure to hit the airwaves soon. For those of you who may not know, Medicate is the likely first single off of Crash Love. It will be appearing in Guitar Hero 5 on September 1.

Thanks to Mark Kent for the tip!
On a side note, to clarify about “OK, I Feel Better Now” being eleveted to Confirmed Title status… I’ve decided (admittedly long overdue) that since it was mentioned as a “song” by Davey in an interview, and no such song by any other band exists today, the title must be from Crash Love.

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